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  1. ah, there will still be a line. last year around that exact time the line was still scary. I know this 'cause my friend was in that line at 11am. Well, I actually meant the Thursday pre-reg line. I already figured that no matter when I arrived, there would be a line. *G* But my plans have changed so I might actually be a day earlier than previously expected. \o/ Actually in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday the registration lines tend to slow down quite a lot. To the point where sometimes people can just walk in and buy a badge without waiting.
  2. There is a club out at King of Prussia (http://www.sos-anime.org/), and I think they building some sort of high speed line from close to out there into the city that will go through KOP but I'm not quite sure about that since I haven't heard about it for almost a year now. Try contacting the York College Anime Club (http://www.yorku.ca/anime/) They should be able to put you in contact with a non-university club in your area or help you find a club closer to you. There is a club out at King of Prussia (http://www.sos-anime.org/). The people who run it have a few cul
  3. I just did a reservation search for rooms Friday to Sunday and the Hilton and Radisson both came up. Use the Passkey system to check things tend to change a lot: https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=w...;groupID=140571
  4. The room reservation people who you can call will book multiple rooms. Unless you are part of school organization or other club type thing they like to have one name per room. Every time I've called they've been really helpful, they even respond to email within 2 hours which is awesome for me. Also if you have a room one place and then decide you want to reserve a room somewhere else at the con rate (like somewhere cheaper) they will happily do that for you if you just call. If you have 550 staff at 4 per room thats well over 100 rooms for just staff. Now add music gu
  5. If we are unhappy with the current location of our hotel can we call to change to different hotel when more contracts are signed?
  6. It will also probably be lighter then if you use wood.
  7. The online system works for one room, if you need more than one or you want more hotel options try calling them at 800-282-6632 and tell them you want a room they will help you. My biggest problem with this number is that each person you can call will have you reserve the rooms a different way. Another alternative is that you can reserve through emailing them at conventionhousing@baltimore.org which is what I had to do to reserve five rooms today (though yesterday they were prepared to reserve them all under my name over the phone). # of Rooms w/one name for each room Arrival an
  8. Thursday: 6:30am: Alarm that I will try to get up to so that I can try to keep on top of my homework for school which I won't do the rest of the weekend 10am: Wake my driver for Otakon and check on the other two who are riding with us to make sure that they actually wake up and get into the city to meet us 11am: Start Driving 1:30ish: Be told I can't check into the hotel until three and make sure that they got all the rooms right for my anime club before the other 30 people show up 5:30pm: Check on people who aren't there, make sure my other club officer has the keys, grab dinner,
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