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  1. *shrugs* I don't know where you were all convention, but I certainly didn't feel like there was a WHOLE lot of Naruto and Bleach cosplay. I think you have to approach it with a different mindset: instead of perhaps being expectant and pessimistic (i.e. "oh god, a sea of shinigami and shinobi") adapt one that is more of just being ok with it (i.e. "right, naruto and bleach. ok"). Besides, I think Bleach/Naruto nation is kind of giving way to Death Note and One Piece. Just like you've pointed out, Bleach and Naruto are extremely popular. So of course both the Alley and the Dealer's room
  2. I don't know if it ever came out on 35mm, but I would LOVE to see Dead Leaves (subbed preferably, but the dub's ok too). Although, considering the length and content, it would probably be better served in one of the smaller screening rooms. Nuts.
  3. Kitano Takeshi's "Dolls" perhaps? The story was good, although if I recall correctly I deemed it a snorefest. Or maybe Aniki ("taa-baa-ko" "oh, tobacco!"), or Violent Cop... Infernal Affairs was good, but if you're going to show Infernal Affairs II, do that before Infernal Affairs. Stupid confusing prologue... As for a Woo/Chow movie, I'd love to see Hard Boiled on a big screen, but I don't know how everyone would feel about that (considering as everyone's probably seen the movie). Oh, and Gozu
  4. I have to admit Naruto has brought me to tears many times, either because I found something to be really sad or really inspiring. And then they throw in that damn flute. As soon as that flute would start playing I'd feel the tears welling up. Whether it was Sarutobi's little speech about Konoha whilst fighting Orochimaru or Naruto talking about his refusal to quit his dreams or even when Sakura tries to buy Sasuke and Naruto some time (Chuunin Exam arc - that's still a scene that's hard for me to watch) it never ever fails.
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