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  1. I'm thinking of participating in the masquerade next year. I've only participated in hall contests so far, but in them I've earned the rank of Journeyman. Would that mean I'd be a journeyman in the masquerade too? I might be half-decent in making costumes, but I know I'm a novice in performing. I'd hate to have to compete against these pro performers because I can make a couple shiny costumes.
  2. Are Neopets allowed? They're those online virtual pets, and they recently released a video game. I think their style is clearly anime-influenced, but the company's headquarters is in California, not Japan. The costumes my sis and I would be entering are from the PS2 video game, and one of the two also appears onsite and in the Neopets Trading Card Game. I had asked this in an email, and was told that they'd be acceptable subject matter for the Masquerade, but that it wasn't a guarentee that it'd be the same for the Hall Contest, and that I should post on the board about it. So I just
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