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  1. Counting down the days till Otakon, and Korean bbq with my bestie!

  2. Hotel all set for Otakon. Just waiting for registration to open and hopefully a job soon!

  3. I didn't think I was going to Otakon this year. But my friend changed my mind.. yesterday. I'm going. Hell or high water.
  4. ...there was one in particular at Otakon that I just wanted to belt across the room. LMAO
  5. How about AFTER the convention? *light bulb* I don't know how that would work for other people, but... Maybe?
  6. Thanks for another great round of musical guests Otakon. Let's see what you have in store for next year! :3 PS: I think I saw Alabaster talking to Yaz Noya in the dealer's room on Saturday, lol.
  7. lol. I might go to the one in Sauget Illinois. I know some bands that played the same place. But it's a bad part of town. I don't really like Dir en grey THAT much though. I think some of the fangirls are the biggest turnoff for me though. ><;;
  8. Figures Pinky Street Figure: Yuki Nagato Pinky Street Figure: Haruhi Suzumiya Pinky Street Figure: Mikuru Asahina Pinky Street Figure: Tsuruya-san Pinky Street Cos: Yukata (sitting) Pinky Street Figure 12 Pinky Street Clothing Pack Haruhi Suzuymiya Mini Nendroids (4) Music DaizyStripper CROSS CD (Autographed) The Underneath Moon Flower (Autographed) MarBell Sister (Autographed) MarBell Sister (Extra Copy) DaizyStripper Towel An Cafe Candyholic An Cafe Gokutama Rock Cafe Books Hime Raki (Lucky Star Hentai Doujinshi) Goku Raki (Lucky Star Hentai Dou
  9. I wanted to go too, and I rsvped, but my stupid friend kept dragging me to the convention center. Much to say, that's the last time I go with her ever again to a convention.
  10. Didn't cosplay but I was the short chubby girl with a Jrock revolution shirt and lipring on Saturday.
  11. All together about $2000. Still paying for it. But was allllll worth it.
  12. Hmmm, I guess we'll decide when we get there. Probably gonna try for waiting later this year.
  13. I don't know what I'm doing yet as far as schedule goes, because I haven't gotten my volunteer schedule from J-Rock Revolution yet. But I know I'm going to the Sunday Artist's Panel and Autograph Session and the Sunday concert. And the dealers room. XD Those are my top priorities as of now.
  14. My dad shall record the madness! hehe
  15. I didn't get any photos, except for of the venue, but they got deleted. T_T The only memories I have to keep are the autographed poster, autographed photos, buttons, and t-shirt that is too small. XD
  16. Only one event is showing up on mine.. ><;; I think mine is messed up.
  17. I thought that was just a Missouri anime con thing. o_O Maybe not. I'd be interested in doing this though.
  18. We just pack Pocky on our luggage (not our carry on) and hope it doesn't get smashed while we fly up there. Cuz I do not wanna pay $5 for a box of Pocky. I can get it super cheap in China Town or some other places in the city. The Walmart I work at doesn't carry any anymore. Yet when we did it would sell out the same day. Hmm. And it was 89 cents a box.
  19. I'm wondering if they will have any dating sims for the PC in English.. And hentai doujinshi is another thing I will be shopping for.
  20. Yesasia is pretty awesome. Buy 2 Japanese items and get a free gashapon. lol Happy buying
  21. I agree. We don't need whiners at Otakon. ><;;
  22. I wouldn't recommend e-bay. Full of bootlegs. If you are looking for CD's, click the link here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/list_from_code_ba....html?key=69304 There's all the cd listings for this artist. All legit cds. Heck, you might be able to find his cd's at Otakon if you look carefully enough. ^^ As for posters, you might want to search a Japanese auction site like Yahoo Japan Auctions using search terms like "コタニキンヤ" (Kotani Kinya) and "ポスター" (Poster) If you find a poster you like on there, you can use bidding service like Rinkya.com to bid for you and ship t
  23. OMG.. >< I could do my Mikuru Asahina impression while singing Haruhi Suzumiya songs.. *light bulb moment*
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