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About Me

I'm 21 years old and I'm currently finishing my second year in community college. I got into anime around 16-17 and I've never turned my back on it since then. :3 I'm new to the whole con thing and new to cosplay. But I hope that I learn from everyone that I meet and become friends with. I hope that I can learn tips from those who make their own cosplays since I'd like to do some of my own as well. I'm generally down to earth, nice, and a weird/silly person. Haha. Also, I will be vlogging at cons now to share the experience with those who can't go just yet. happy.png It's nice to meet everyone, too!

I would like to say that I went to Otakon last year, but didn't really have an amazing time. It was more so-so because it was my very first con and I was inexperienced. That's why I'm going to attend again this year, hoping that it's better. :3

P.S. Just so no one gets shocked when they meet me in person or to notice me easily out of cosplay, I have short/medium pink hair. XD

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