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  1. The arrest?

    I saw him Sunday when leaving the con. He was yelling on his megaphone at someone at the intersection in front of the wewcc. There appeared to be a cop there too but I didn't actually see him arrested. On the way down the street I looked back and saw him walk out in front of a car and just stand in the intersection blocking traffic. Seems like an idiot.
  2. Pro Tip: Parking

    So here's my experience with the parking garage we used this year. Like I mentioned earlier, we parked in a garage attached to some kind of new shopping/office building that was made out of the old Uline Arena (anchor store was an REI and they had a 4 level parking garage). The address is 1199 Congress Street NE. It was really close to our hotel (less than a 10 minute walk), hours were fine for us (I'm thinking it was something like 6am to 10pm each day, but no in/out that I recall), it was indoor with security, easy to park (but the corners going floor to floor were tight), and best of all.....it was only $29 from Thursday thru Monday (I selected Thurs.-Sun., but was given an extra day for free). The only thing that gave us a scare was that Parking Panda gave me a QR code to be scanned as I was leaving, but there was no scanner for it and I was afraid I was going to have to pay again (still only showed that I owed $29). Luckily, the man working the entrance came to us almost immediately and after taking the paper with the prepaid code, he let the bar up manually so we could leave without having to pay again. Also (this is pretty important), if you happen to look at the satellite or street view images of the garage on Google maps, they are old. They range from 2013 to last year and in this time they have completely renovated the building and are still doing a bit of work around the area. You can't see the actual entrance to the garage on Google Maps because their images are from before it was built, so don't let that scare you away. It was a great place for us to park, extremely cheap (next cheapest I could find was $66), and we felt secure there. If their prices are still the same or at least one of the cheapest next year, we'll definitely be parking there again.
  3. WEWCC screens

    I second that! It was really handy.
  4. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    My group stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn on First Street NE. Pros: Was about $650 from Thursday to Sunday for a double queen bed room (same price we usually payed at the Radisson/Lord Baltimore in Baltimore). Nice room with very comfortable beds and pillows. Air in room worked fine. Had a mini fridge and microwave. Staff was super friendly. Very clean. Pretty good location considering the stores around it (Harris Teeter in the same building and CVS pharmacy right in front across the street among other convenient places). Had a bar/lounge and a pool. We felt secure since you needed your room key to get to any floor but the lobby and even to get into the building after I think either 10 or 11 pm. Cons: Some of these cons are probably the same with about any hotel near the convention center, so take them as you will... Valet parking at hotel was about $53 a day (we parked somewhere else). They said they charge $45 a day for room incidentals which they didn't specify (only thing I could think of was if we had used the Keurig coffee machine in the room). We did walk through a couple of rough spots on the way to the convention center, but never really had any trouble. Construction going on everywhere along our route from hotel to WEWCC. No free breakfast (which I couldn't find at any hotel), but it was $15 for a buffet.
  5. Pro Tip: Parking

    I used Parking Panda and reserved a spot in an apparently new parking garage really close to my hotel (Hilton Garden Inn on First Street NE). It's the Uline arena building that they've renovated and put in an REI and other businesses as well as a four level garage. Only cost me $28 for Thursday-Monday (we'll be leaving Sunday, but I got an extra day for free) and it has 24/7 access and security. If everything turns out ok, I'll come back to this thread and leave more details of our parking experience here.
  6. Anime World Matsuri Tickets

    Cool. Thanks for the response!
  7. Anime World Matsuri Tickets

    So we each can just use a printed copy of that same code as the ticket in case we can't line up for the concert together?
  8. Anime World Matsuri Tickets

    So my friend bought our group's tickets for both concerts (4 tix for each concert). He got an email with a QR code. Is that the actual ticket? Does he just print off that QR code for each of us and we present them to get in the concert? He tried following a link on the email to the site to add each of our numbers but the rest of us haven't gotten a text or email and it won't let him add our numbers for Saturday's concert, only Friday.
  9. WTOP report on Otakon.

    Does anyone know how many were registered this time last year? Are we on track to beat last year's numbers or maybe falling behind? I was thinking that there was a pretty good surge of people registering online last minute and paying at the door each year so I'm hoping we at least match last year's total.
  10. Badge Mailing

    My whole group got ours yesterday. We didn't get any tracking info either (I think the same thing happened last year).
  11. Otakon 2017 Cosplays?

    I still want to cosplay as Ramba Ral (if my friends do their Gundam cosplays), but I may scrap the Team Rocket Grunt idea for Otakon. Just too much black in that heat. I did buy the cosplay for Haruhiro, the main character in Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. The show is kind of meh overall, but I really like certain elements and this cosplay is more for a generic mmo/fantasy world character for me anyway (a good, inexpensive base for me to play around with basically).
  12. 2017 Cosplay Predictions

    I'd bet there'll be at least one Wendy girl cosplay and possibly the colonel and Ronald.
  13. Making new Con-going friends

    This is my 7th Otakon and it's always great seeing new people coming out each year. Twitter: The Artist In Debt @TomDent88 Cosplay: Ramba Ral from Mobile Suit Gundam
  14. The Otakon 2017 Roll-Call Thread

    This'll be my 7th straight Otakon. Name: Thomas Hometown: Bristol, VA Primary contact info: You can find me on Facebook (Thomas Wayne Denton, though I'm not on much) or Twitter (@TomDent88) Something interesting: Well, I got my teaching license and Bachelors in Art (my primary love), but couldn't find a job so now I'm building industrial electrical equipment and getting my Associates degree in Electrical Technology. Currently trying to combine the two fields into something interesting (like designing and building my own arcade cabinets).
  15. Otakon 2017 Cosplays?

    I plan on cosplaying as Ramba Ral from Mobile Suit Gundam and possibly a Team Rocket Grunt. I've done both of these at Yama-Con in Pigeon Forge, TN (a much smaller and newer con). This will be my first time cosplaying at Otakon.