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  1. My friends and I decided to take a weekend trip somewhere during the last weekend in June that's not anime con related (seems like that's all we do when we go out of town) and we decided to head up to Baltimore because we really missed it. We've got tickets to an Orioles game and I know there's an aquarium at the inner harbor but what other fun things should we check out while we're there? We're not really picky. We just want to experience some things we would always miss out on since we usually spent all our time at Otakon while in Baltimore before.
  2. TomDent

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    It would be awesome to have guests involved with Fooly Cooly. Especially since the new seasons are coming out. I'd really like to see Kari Wahlgren, Barbara Goodson, and have the pillows perform.
  3. TomDent

    Your first Otakon

    I really started watching anime when I was in fourth or fifth grade (about 1998/1999). I was watching Power Rangers and such on Fox Kids when Digimon first aired. I had seen episodes of older anime before. Over the years I'd find VHS tapes of Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, and DBZ at local thrift shops but Digimon was the first anime series that really got me going. Of course I was hooked on the shows that came on Toonami and Adult Swim over the years but wanted more so I used some 3rd party sites to watch some older stuff. Then, in 2011, my friends and I decided we wanted to go to an anime convention. We looked around for ones that weren't too far away and came up with Otakon. We thought there'd only be about 10k people there for some reason (which is still a big convention) but were completely shocked by how big it was! It was our first time traveling to a huge city by ourselves (we're from a small town, country area) and the first time we'd been to a huge convention center and around so many people. We had no idea how huge anime was until that point. It was like our own wonderland and we were so excited! We've been to every Otakon since as well as a few local cons that have recently sprung up where we live. Otakon also introduced me to anime sites like Crunchyroll where I could watch the latest stuff and just gorge myself in anime. We could honestly skip Otakon and go to multiple other, more local cons that seem to be growing rapidly, but Otakon was our first experience and we gladly travel 6+ hours out of our way every year to attend.
  4. TomDent

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Got mine yesterday right on time (according to the tracking number) and I did have to sign for it. One friend in my group got his Friday and I think one's was delivered to his house, but no one answered the door to sign for it, so he had to reschedule the delivery. There's two more in my group who haven't gotten theirs yet. The one who got his Friday lives in NY, me and the one who had to reschedule delivery live in southwestern VA, and the two who haven't gotten anything yet live in northeast TN. Hopefully they'll get theirs soon.
  5. TomDent

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    I'll start panicking if I don't see anything (badge or tracking number) by the end of this coming week. Until then, I'll have faith.
  6. Friends on board, hotel booked, money saved up....HERE COMES MY 4TH STRAIGHT OTAKON!!!

  7. Otakon number 3, here I come!!! ......assuming I have enough money that is.