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  1. Here lately I've been listening to a lot of Yuki Kajiura's work. It would be awesome to have her come to Otakon, maybe doing a concert with See-Saw or something with FictionJunction. Or even just as a guest for a panel or something.
  2. I really wish this board would get popular again. I miss the old days when this was a booming place. Social media pages are a mess (especially Facebook since 90% of my feed now is ads and clickbait). The BBS is so much more organized. Is there something that can be done to increase interest (advertise the BBS more on the social media pages or make it easier to find)?
  3. The Good: As many have said already, the crowd control was great this year. I do kind of miss the camaraderie that came with waiting in long lines and getting to play games while waiting, but it's really nice that things overall were moving at a good pace, especially when waiting outside in that heat. The new attendance record was great to see IMO. Large crowds wear me out, but it's nice to see Otakon growing and I really wasn't expecting it to go up that much this year. It's exciting to see. Even though I didn't get to go to all the guest panels this year, it was great to s
  4. Somehow I managed to get a double bedded room at the Marquis. I was suprised to see it on the list as soon as everything went live since that didn't happen last year. I kept getting all kinds of error messages while booking and thought I'd lost it several times, but it somehow went through. I've even saved my comfirmation email to two different email addresses and screenshot it to my phone, just in case. I did try to book a second room there or at the Renaissance (or anywhere within half a mile of the WEWCC), but by the time I finished booking the Marquis room, everything was gone. We'll have
  5. Comfort Inn Downtown DC/Convention Center We stayed at this place for the first time this year since we couldn't get a room at the host hotels. It was on the (relatively) cheaper end at something like $650 for Thursday thru Sunday. If you don't mind a little stroll, it's about a 10 minute walk to the front entrance to the WEWCC. The location wasn't too bad, but it seemed like all the eateries immediately around were kind of expensive and a lot of those places either opened up later in the day or closed kind of early. Some convenience places nearby, such as a formerly 24 hour CVS, wer
  6. I think it would be pretty cool to bring back some guests from the first few years of Otakon. Not sure how many are still active in the industry or con scene, but it would be a nice throwback. And maybe industry guests from anime that debuted or was super popular in '94.
  7. Just got mine too! This'll be my first time back since 2019.
  8. I know I asked this question in another thread, but I can't remember the answer or find that post. What is the theme for Otakon 2022?
  9. Just curious, but how many did they say attended otakon? Also what's next year's theme?
  10. I knew the hotels keeping our reservations for next year was a pipe dream, but I'm really glad they're rolling our registrations over to next year. And the automatic hotel cancellations is appreciated as well. That way we don't have to worry about much.
  11. IMO it'd be better to just cancel for this year and put everything into 2021. This would work out better with the theme since the Olympics will be next year. Of course I know that the folks running Otakon have to wait on official decisions from DC, the WEWCC, etc, but hopefully they've already got a solid plan for what seems like the inevitable. Also, assuming it's canceled this year, I hope we get the option to have our registration roll over for next year instead of just getting a refund (and maybe our hotel reservation as well, if that's possible). And maybe they could try a small virtual
  12. Well, now San Diego Comic Con has been canceled. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/Entertainment/wireStory/comic-con-canceled-coronavirus-plans-2021-return-70209464
  13. Got mine yesterday right on time (according to the tracking number) and I did have to sign for it. One friend in my group got his Friday and I think one's was delivered to his house, but no one answered the door to sign for it, so he had to reschedule the delivery. There's two more in my group who haven't gotten theirs yet. The one who got his Friday lives in NY, me and the one who had to reschedule delivery live in southwestern VA, and the two who haven't gotten anything yet live in northeast TN. Hopefully they'll get theirs soon.
  14. I'll start panicking if I don't see anything (badge or tracking number) by the end of this coming week. Until then, I'll have faith.
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