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  1. Just got mine too! This'll be my first time back since 2019.
  2. I know I asked this question in another thread, but I can't remember the answer or find that post. What is the theme for Otakon 2022?
  3. Just curious, but how many did they say attended otakon? Also what's next year's theme?
  4. I knew the hotels keeping our reservations for next year was a pipe dream, but I'm really glad they're rolling our registrations over to next year. And the automatic hotel cancellations is appreciated as well. That way we don't have to worry about much.
  5. IMO it'd be better to just cancel for this year and put everything into 2021. This would work out better with the theme since the Olympics will be next year. Of course I know that the folks running Otakon have to wait on official decisions from DC, the WEWCC, etc, but hopefully they've already got a solid plan for what seems like the inevitable. Also, assuming it's canceled this year, I hope we get the option to have our registration roll over for next year instead of just getting a refund (and maybe our hotel reservation as well, if that's possible). And maybe they could try a small virtual
  6. Well, now San Diego Comic Con has been canceled. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/Entertainment/wireStory/comic-con-canceled-coronavirus-plans-2021-return-70209464
  7. Got mine yesterday right on time (according to the tracking number) and I did have to sign for it. One friend in my group got his Friday and I think one's was delivered to his house, but no one answered the door to sign for it, so he had to reschedule the delivery. There's two more in my group who haven't gotten theirs yet. The one who got his Friday lives in NY, me and the one who had to reschedule delivery live in southwestern VA, and the two who haven't gotten anything yet live in northeast TN. Hopefully they'll get theirs soon.
  8. I'll start panicking if I don't see anything (badge or tracking number) by the end of this coming week. Until then, I'll have faith.
  9. Friends on board, hotel booked, money saved up....HERE COMES MY 4TH STRAIGHT OTAKON!!!

  10. Otakon number 3, here I come!!! ......assuming I have enough money that is.

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