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  1. Went to an idol panel at a local con this weekend and it dawned on me that it'd be pretty neat to have an idol group perform. Has Otakon had that before? I can't think of any specific group to ask for since I'm not too familiar with the idol group scene, but thought it'd be fun.
  2. TomDent

    Any other cons...?

    I've went to Otakon 8 years in a row now and it was my first con as it was one of the closest ones to me (still a 6 hour drive though). Now there are small cons popping up everywhere near me and I've tried out several of them. One really good one is Yama-Con in Pigeon Forge, TN. It's a fun, smaller con (about 3K-4K attendance I think) with tons to do outside the con and everything is super cheap compared to a trip to Otakon. Conapalooza in Kingsport, TN, is about the size of Yama-Con now but it's only a couple years old and it's a 3 day, 24 hour con with a good guest lineup and fun things to do. I love the rush of a big con like Otakon, but I also love hitting up small, growing cons and seeing first hand their growth and progress. It's a lot of fun!
  3. TomDent

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    I was barely able to last year and it's looking a bit worse for me this year.
  4. TomDent

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2019 Hotel Block Update

    Dang. Would have been SO much more convenient if it were on Saturday when I'm off work. Guess I'll have to try to disappear for a bit in the middle of the work day, lol.
  5. There are so many guests I'd like to request that I can't keep them all straight in my head. So, I'll stick with one request for musical act....BRADIO!
  6. I also noticed this. I was looking forward to seeing the CR and Pony Canyon booths and I don't remember seeing a CR panel either.
  7. Been attending Otakon since 2011. I had a great time even if I wasn't super excited about most of the con. The Good -The DBZ stuff in the dealer room was really cool to see and I'm not even a big fan. -FF Distant Worlds concert was awesome! -Even though I didn't get to check it out, having the stuff going on with the Library of Congress seemed really cool and I hope it's done again. -Stayed at the Marriott Marquis for the first time and IT WAS AMAZING! -Tons of great cosplays as usual. -Stumbled upon some really good panels (I normally don't go to many panels) -Had some really great interactions with people in and out of the con. No people problems at all. -Got to see the monuments this year. The Bad -Even though it turned out not to be a big thing during the con, just worrying about the rally all weekend kind of stressed me out. -Not Otakon's fault at all but I didn't get my cosplay done in time. -Didn't get to do anything I really wanted to in the video game hall due to crowds or games not working. -Con center food is insanely expensive as always but I ate it a couple of times out of convenience and got sick twice. The Ugly -I'm getting older now and feel like an old man when I can't stay up for late night stuff and have to more carefully watch what I eat/drink to stay active. -Parked at the City Center Garage (we prepaid) and took forever to find a spot. Signs kept showing open spots but almost every one was blocked off by cones for some reason. -Even with more space, people still insist on blocking the way to take pics. -Otakon needs a megaphone company as a sponsor so staff can have more to use. We really need them.
  8. TomDent

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Got mine yesterday right on time (according to the tracking number) and I did have to sign for it. One friend in my group got his Friday and I think one's was delivered to his house, but no one answered the door to sign for it, so he had to reschedule the delivery. There's two more in my group who haven't gotten theirs yet. The one who got his Friday lives in NY, me and the one who had to reschedule delivery live in southwestern VA, and the two who haven't gotten anything yet live in northeast TN. Hopefully they'll get theirs soon.
  9. TomDent

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    I'll start panicking if I don't see anything (badge or tracking number) by the end of this coming week. Until then, I'll have faith.
  10. Friends on board, hotel booked, money saved up....HERE COMES MY 4TH STRAIGHT OTAKON!!!

  11. Otakon number 3, here I come!!! ......assuming I have enough money that is.