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    Cosplaying, gaming, raving, repeat ;3
    Major Anime I Like: Naruto, Bleach, Black Lagoon, Death Note, Nora: Last Chronicle of Devildom, Soul Eater, Omamori Himari, Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt, Needless, X-Men Anime, Ghost In The Shell, Dragon Balls ;3
    Major Game List: Blazblue, Final Fantasy, Guilty Gear, Darkstalkers, Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, Virtua Fighter, Legends Of Zelda.

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Hey hey~ My name's Jai'lil(i go by many nicknames, 'cause my name is unbearable ><"), i'm 16 and i am absorbed in anime. My first anime i watched was Trigun, but i didn't really like that so i decided to drop off of it, until i saw manga in Barnes&Nobles and picked up Death Note, which brought me back in the loop ever since. Currently watching Bleach and D-Gray Man, because i'm a little behind with my stuff. Mainly i watch anime movies like Appleseed, FF 7: Advent Children, Spirited Away, and much more. I try to find more stuff to watch, and really just watch anything to make me laugh and at the same time makes me feel like i'm watching a Michael Bay movie. (Soul Eater, sometimes Naruto, Rosario+Vampire, DBZ just to name a few that fall on that line i like). I've also got into a lot of gaming, more importantly fighting games and RPGs. My last con was Katsucon, and even though it seemed like a good convention, i couldn't really do much. One, because my friend never went to cons so he was stalled at every girl who dressed like Felicia and many others with "provocative figures", and two because my mother was around that area at that time and called me every 30 minutes...that was annoying. I look forward to Otakon because it's literally 10 minutes away driving to it, good thing for me happy.png. As on my status i'm going all out Zanpakto's, but that subject to change since i'm trying to make plans to meet with a woman and some of her friends to cosplay, and i'm conflicted on Hyorinmaru or Kazeshini, since one friend in her group is Toshiro and the other is Shuhei, so hopefully that turns out right. happy.png

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