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  1. I'm considering just doing all of one anime, So for bleach. Kazeshini, Hyorinmaru and a hoice between Wabisuke or Grimmjow

    1. SuperiorSamaaX3


      Sounds awesome :D, I'm doing a different zanpakto for every day, Friday look for Hyorinmaru. Saturday look for Kazeshini. Sunday look for Wabisuke. Looking forward to see you there ^_^

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  2. I'm so happy that spring break is here, now i can actually work :D

    1. SuperiorSamaaX3


      Cosplay for Otakon:

      Kingdom Hearts: Terra or Xemnas

      Bleach: Kazeshini

      MvC/ Dark Stalkers: Hsien- Ko

      This list is not set in stone and any of these can be replaced with:

      Soul Calibur V: Z.W.E.I

      Nora The Last Chronicle of Devildom: Nora

      Naruto Shippuden: Kakuzu

      Bleach: Hollow Ichigo Split Ichigo

      Mortal Kombat: Noob Saibot

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