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  1. XD I'll one-up you and see if you can pronounce my middle and last names (83 appropriately enough are Thai and Laotian) Middle Name: Nuthitia Last name: Sipayboun XD i'll leave my first name up to the imagination but it's not hard since it's a latin name. :3 good luck
  2. I can let go of other people's typos, misspellings, etc. as long as they are not in legal/professional documents (if it's an attorney or any licensed professional who misspells, shame on him/her!). What I cannot stand is the mispronunciation of a name even when it has already been pronounced for the person. I am the only Asian in the office where I work. I get really irritated whenever I hear the name Nguyen pronounced "Nuwen." Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I pronounce it as I see it. Ngu-yen. These people always pronounce the nasalized ng when they use the gerund form of a verb.
  3. Drat, I don't watch AS on weeknights (I'm usually watching news channels by that time)! Maybe this Saturday they'll show it (only day [or night] I watch AS)?
  4. Oh yeah, Otakon attendees at BWI hotels! BWI hotels are nice and quiet, and I notice a number of really well-behaved Otakon attendees (some are even whole families! I remember riding with a family [mother, father, daughter] on the Marriott shuttle one night, since the daughter was going either to the Rave or to the Masquerade [? the cosplay event at night]) around those hotels...well, at least the Marriott ones, since I dealt with attendees who stayed at the different Marriott hotels. My son and I stayed at the Residence Inn last year, but this year we will be staying at the Towneplace Sui
  5. Understood. That duty...is paramont for a parent. Totally understandable. I personally have been wanting to see who you are:) We should definitely say "Hi" at least once lol. There's still the singles meetup, right? You'll easily know who I am by my hair (mahogany and very long, goes past my behind. My back will have to be turned, though, for you to see that. Again, do not look for a 47 year old lady because I don't look it) and the teenager beside me. And, since I'm Asian, look for an Asian girl with a half-breed Asian boy beside her. I would put on my zills and play a line
  6. Understood. That duty...is paramont for a parent. Totally understandable. I personally have been wanting to see who you are:) We should definitely say "Hi" at least once lol.
  7. Most likely in my case, I'll stop by the meeting place just to say "Hi" again. While I know that once we enter the BCC my son will leave me to go to the panels or video screenings he wants to go to, I still have a duty to be inside the BCC. After all, my son is only thirteen and, as his parent, I have to make sure that he is okay. I will not exit the BCC while he is there.
  8. If they're close-minded, there won't be any getting through to them. You cannot change a closed mind. If they're open-minded enough, fine, their horizons will be broadened; however, if their minds are so closed up to only those things that they like and they won't allow any room for something different, then the heck with them, they shouldn't go to a convention and keep complaining. There will always be others who will go because of the word of mouth that gets to them from those with open minds.
  9. LOL, don't be sorry, it was more of a reinforced point rather then an idea. A "Singles Event" is another type of label. And like having the word Single put on a person's clothing, the event has that same attribute.
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