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  1. I usually arrive on Friday afternoon, so getting the badge is relatively quick. When lining up for a panel or autograph, however, I just like to look around and see which cosplayers are walking by. I liked seeing the bug last year.
  2. That is really hilarious. I wonder if other baltimore city companies/businesses experience the same thing.
  3. Yeah, talk about bad timing . I just found out that Tony Hadley and John Keeble (since John Keeble is part of Tony Hadley's band) - people who loved the British New Romantic music of the 80's will know who I'm talking about - will be having a concert in Manila on August 9th. Now that's bad timing. Oh well...
  4. I was going to put this on the Q & A forum originally, but I wasn't sure if it belonged there, so I'm putting it here. On the Q&A forum, I read the thread on bringing children to the Con. I would have wanted to post an additional question, but the topic was locked. The last reply was that to the poster's knowledge, Otakon has never had a permission slip for bringing children who are not the adult's; however, while Otakon does not have such a form, a prior thread (under twelve con-goers, from 2006) contained a post that mentioned the need for a permission slip for the 'guardian'
  5. Lol rawr wait till hes 18 he may end up like me XD at least u dont think the con is childish like my father does hehe It sounds like everyone has people to keep em entertained
  6. Things have resolved between my son and me (rebellious thirteen year olds!), so I'm bringing my son with me.
  7. This doesn't much seem to be about the original content of the post. Though I respect your choice to be vegetarian, I'd rather you not insult other peoples food choices or more specifically their sizes.
  8. Drat. I thought it was song requests, since people were mentioning that it would be good to have some Korean, etc. I was going to request Voltes V (opening and ending themes), Daimos (opening and ending themes), Kotetsu Jeeg. Maybe some Age Age Every Night with dance, or even the original version, Run to You. Or anyone know Unforgettable Memory by Seo Taiji and the boys?
  9. He's probably referring to (or at least thinking about, as he wrote his post) the Otakon con-goers who move plants into elevators, who party into the wee hours with a stuffed room, who sleep in hallways in hotels, and who get drunk and start harrassing late-night traffic. It's not limited to one or two conventions, and people shouldn't expect that rooms will continue to be available in an appreciable quantity at any sort of discount if they continue to abuse and mis-use their hotel rooms, the staff of the hotels, and the hotels themselves. It's gotten worse as congoers' ages have gotten lowe
  10. I have to say, I'm disappointed with the location here in the Harrisburg area. I don't want to go to Lancaster or Lititz to watch it. I'd feel safer around Chelsea, NY, but I don't want to miss work or have my son miss school because of the travel just to watch the movie.
  11. When I found out that all hotels were booked I found the brookshire on Hotels.com. The price I got was right in line with con rates at other hotels. Plus all the reviews I read were glowing, so I'm looking forward to checking this place out.
  12. It would be nice to have the Go panel/workshop again this year. My son attended it last year (he was the kid dressed as Sasuke) and really loved it. He told me that he learned a lot from this guy who played like a pro.
  13. The Best of the Best, the Legend of Legends (at least, that's how fans refer to him), Isao Sasaki. Just the titles given to him say it all; however, just as in the case of Ichiro Mizuki, I don't think we will ever hear a voice like that again (no Jrock star can equal that voice, and I am quite sure that the Jrock stars will willingly take a step back to give the stage to him.) Asians tend to have a lot of respect for age and experience.
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