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  1. My son has been asking me to cosplay as the ghost girl in The Grudge. Hah! If I do that, he'd better cosplay as Toshio instead of L!
  2. Greyhound from Harrisburg PA. We usually take a taxi, since I did not know about the bus. Maybe we'll try the bus this time, since there are a number of fans who also take the bus. Then light rail to the BWI area hotel.
  3. Now that you've announced the musical guest, I would like to know if you have any tips for first-time concert-goers (such as my 13 year old son and I). I really would like to see JAM Project in concert, so I also would like to know how safe the concert venue is, etc. I don't really go out at night, so it'll be a first time for me and my son.
  4. Very easy to answer: Ayashi no Ceres. I wouldn't stop crying throughout the series. Sometimes, Naruto can make me cry as well, especially when I see Naruto longing for the closeness that a parent and child have, something he never had. As a mother, I feel for him, so I end up crying.
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