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  1. ACEN is my local con. The only major issue I have with it is the lack in quantity & quality of Japanese guests. Not enough different directors, voice actors, artists & too many fashion guests & DJ's. Their guest relations doesn't seem to have the pull/connections compared to other major cons. It's like the con should easily sell itself to guests with Chicago steps away, but maybe not with all the crime news. I haven't been to Otakon in a few year & am only wanting to attend this year to see how the new location turns out. Hopefully they'll have a good JP guest lineup as it's my main reason for attending these con's.
  2. No cosplay & I have looked into Capital Bike Share & bus routes in case I don't feel like walking. Though if this was still in Baltimore I would definitely have stuck with a closer hotel. I just thought it is a really good deal over the official con hotels some of which are just as far.
  3. Just putting this out there so perhaps a few attendees who don't want to deal with AirBNB/hostels can save some money for a hotel within walking distance of the con. The Phoenix Park Hotel by Union Station about a mile from the con center has a 95th anniversary promotion for a limited number of rooms for the month of August. After taxes it comes out to about $109/night. For comparison my reservation at the Comfort Inn half a mile from the con was one of the cheaper options at $190/night. I'll take the savings over an extra 10-15min walk.