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  1. Otamon, I choose you!

  2. What would you do for an Otakondike bar?

  3. Tracking numbers are in your membership account on the otakon website. go to members only section, log on, and click membership history https://otakon.com/members/default.asp
  4. As noted in above posts, tracking numbers are NOT sent in emails. You can get it from logging onto the members section and looking at your account info when the site comes back up.
  5. It occurs to me sometime that i'm an otaku that lived in Ota-ku

  6. It let's you edit for a minute or two after posting, then locks them in
  7. Otakon used to provide the plastic with the old paper badges. The new, more durable ones debuted last year, and there were no plastic holders given then either. So to my knowledge answer to your question is neither
  8. top of the screen, under the progress bar. says "expected delivery day"
  9. I have the same "pending" thing, but my tracking number just came in now so I don't think it's an issue. I'm assuming I was last batch, so this is the time to check accounts again
  10. にほんごをべんきょうしにいります

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