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  1. well for once I actually havent made plans to do a group thing, might go solo or just meet some new people. I'm cool with anyone thats a loner this year wanting to meet up, just PM .
  2. Dunno its my sis bday tomorrow so gotta get badge and come back then see help her go to the airport on friday morn before I go to ota might be mid afternoon
  3. I've been seeing the TV add on Cartoon Network all the time now, love seeing that thing, took me by surprise when I first saw it. Only thing I can say is, seems it could have been a bit longer
  4. 98 I started dating this one girl, and her and her friends all watched anime, and I was into it but never went to a con, the asked if I wanted to come along, well I got drawn in and have been going ever since to cons.
  5. So far for now I am planning on keeping it all around $500 for total weekend. Though I do get 3 checks prior to going I may be tempted to bring more.
  6. I remember one year about a week after Otakon I was on the light rail and there were some older people there talking about all the 'kids in costumes' and I said yea I went to that thing and they were kind enough to inform me, remind me since I had forgotten, about the Comic Con that was coming up. Haha so I think there are alot around that just like seeing all the different things that come up that weekend as a nice change of pace.
  7. I'll be going solo this year so if anyone wants to meet up or hang out im all for it.
  8. Right now, pulling money out of my bank so I dont spend it. Then figuring out how to make more before otakon. Then making a list of stuff I want to find in the dealers room.
  9. Seems like if it was a high hit place its gone. In come temp fills long after Otakon is gone.
  10. You can find it there or you can do what I did and lose it there haha. my ex and I split that week and completely learned to loathe eachother while at Otakon last year haha.
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