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  1. While I'm not a B-more resident, I am somewhat familiar with the area. I'm from Severn, about halfway between Baltimore and Annapolis. I WILL be going with a number of friends/coworkers who themselves do live in the city. I think the main hangout for the weekend will be at a house in Pigtown, right on the other side of the stadiums. Just a few-block walk. As far as bars go, I've always enjoyed going into Fell's Point, and have hit up Federal Hill a time or two.

    However, I think the majority of any partying will be going on at the house. It's much easier to just buy a bunch of six or twelve-packs and hang out, playing poker, Rock Band, and somesuch. The night of the 8th holds a 2 Skinnee J's concert, which a bunch of people have expressed interest in going to... well, now that I've just checked the tour dates it seems that it's on the 6th. No matter, still a great time to be had in Pigtown!

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