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Sorry if i have too many issues....you are welcome to rant or ignore or whatever...i'm used to that since that's all i'm good for.*shrugs* and you don't have to force yourself to talk to someone like me as well.

Anyway...I'm ERWIN with ER, not I or D or BOTH...ok?? good...Now moving on....oh yeah... you can call me Lulu or Roxas or Train...your choice...Anyway I love anime and manga...Yes I'm OTAKU(that meant it's a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games)....anyway I love horror, comedy, romantic/comedy, and action movies..hm...I love the mall....hm.....I love video games which are...Rpgs, shooter, MMORPGS. and fighting. only I hate is sports video games since they are so pointless. I DON'T drink and smoke at all...They are sick and can shorten your life so yeah i rather live long. I'm carefree all the time and can be sarcastic...XD Anyway...hmmm oh well that's all about me..I think....geez I suck at talking about myself, don't I? OH and I am DEAF...If you have problem with that..then..well dont talk to me. I rather talk to people that don't mind me being deaf and it DO NOT matter if you know sign languages or not since I know sign languages...anyway I don't read lips, but I can text on my cell phone though. Text me anytime...but you have to ask me for it in message...anyway I have unlimited texts anyway...and one more thing. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK OF ME. I'M SO BRUTALLY HONEST AND BLUNT, Therefore I'm being myself and if you have problem with that...too bad because I'm not gonna change. I have a very strong will...so be my guest to get to know me better or not....

and please don't tell me how to use grammar.i CANNOT help but talk like that. so sue me....i know grammar is important and all that. but seriously, no one can use grammar perfectly. after all, there is no thing such as "perfect"...ok??? honestly, people strives for perfection too much if you ask me...

Plus..I don't think my deafness and grammar mix so well....

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