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    Princess Jellyfish, Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, Hakuouki, Pandora Hearts, Junjo Romantica, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Tales of Vesperia, all Tales games, Loveless, Kyo Kara Maoh, Saiyuki, D.Gray-Man, Aoi no Exercist, Black Butler. Cosplaying: Grell, Cheshire, Yuri, Kanda, Allen, Agito/Akito, Soubi, Miku, Gakupo, Chi, Byakuya, Ryuuki. Movie&drama: Moon Child, Mary stayed out all night, YUUKI, Postman to heaven, iljimae, hong gildong, your beautiful, my only love, you've fallen for me, bad family, rainbow romance, attack on the pin-up boys, you're my pet, the king and the clown, and more. Bands: Miyavi, Hyde, Gackt, L'Arc en ceil, JANG keun suk, others.

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  1. KEY는 내 하나 밖에

  2. 나는 넘어 마, 내 얼굴을 가까이에서 볼 땅에게 권한을

  3. 나는 넘어 마, 내 얼굴을 가까이에서 볼 땅에게 권한을

  4. I don't fall over, I give the ground the privilege to see my face close up.

  5. It's good to see your temperament is as wicked and unstable as ever. -yoshitsugu and friend.....

  6. I did not fall.... I desended! ~ Date Masamune

  7. Kanda, Yuri, Cheshire, Saito please be loved lol jk i hope their good at the con

  8. when the snow melts, what does it become?

  9. when the snow melts, what does it become?

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