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    favorites: trigun,hellsing,naruto,high school of the dead,hetalia,bleach,trinity blood, blue exorcist,black butler,vampire knight, black bird,death note, full metal alchemist,fruits basket, sky crawlers,inuyasha, kenlchi:the mighest disciple,blood plus,darker then black,oruan high school host club,Junjo Romantica,witch hunter robin,pandora hearts,loveless and more

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About Me

ok so the year is 2014(I now feel like I'm in a really bad black and white detective movie XD)

anyway my first con was Oakton was in 2011. it was amazing and I went at Seras Victoria from Hellsing that year.this year I'm going for all three days so ill be going erza from fairy tail in her new heart Cruz armor and another I have decide yet as well as one of my old ones

Anyway other things about me are:

My favorite color(s): red, black, grey, purple, white

My favorite food: sushi

favorite drink:milk (plain none of that strawberry crap XD)

My favorite animal: otter

animals i own: cat and turtle

My favorite anime: to many to tell

My favorite music/genre/artist/band: all (basically)

My hobbies include: lacrosse, drawing,reading novels/ manga, writing poems/stories, cosplaying (of course),video games, making sure my couch doesn't fly away (in other words couch potato),learning different langauges (russian,italian,gemany,welsh,japanese (i only know like 10 words in each so i cant speak well or anything XD)learning about different cultures, hanging with friends,playing violin, and ect. (<----- more like I cant remember all of them XD)

fears:small spiders,dolls, and old fashion clowns (combine those an old fashion porcilon clown doll with tiny spiders....my worst fears ugh!)

Anything else you would like to know or whateve just send me a PM

warning is extreme fangirl who rambles,laugh uncontrolable, extremely perverted (i know how to hold my tongue so no worries ^^),will have execive nose bleeds and wont think twice about giving you the stare of death (you've been warned XD)

last but not least i dont care what people think of me so i will do things my way (for example im that person in the mall who dances terribly to singing cards and the person whos geting a piggy back ride from my best friend <----childish? of course funny? hell yeah and i dont care if i look different ^^)

P.S. I lied above this is the last thing. I will apologize in advance for my bad grammar and spelling i was in special reading and writing classes when i was younger and still have some bad habits following me 8/

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