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  1. my jacket for my cosplay is almost done! should be next week :)

  2. my jacket for my cosplay is almost done! should be next week :)

  3. ok so with the end off school in like 1 1/2 days ive decided to switch olivier to hawkeye i cant make up my mind until the end appaearntly XD

    1. resika


      and i "appearntly" cant spell either

  4. i probably shouldnt be on here during school XD

  5. gosh i cant wait for otakon XD

  6. moved finally and i get my cat back this weekend ^^

  7. so i got my wig i dont look good as a blonde lol and my pants down fit so i guess i might scratch my olivier and go with alice from pandora hearts (im going to be poor if i do T.T)

    1. resika


      "don't" my god past self your grammer sucks more then mine

  8. i got my olivier cosplay today and the pants wear to small i couldnt sit down XD

  9. im thirst for milk but we are out at the moment T.T

  10. ok fangs failed lol so no fangs i have pointy teeth my nature so i dont need them ^^

  11. well i just finished my cat ears and i got my fangs (the good kind) for schrodringer and seras. YaY!

  12. all thats left in for me to do with schrodringer is the red/black/white thing on his sleve, a tail and a belt ^^

  13. theres nothing to fear but fear itself and spiders XD

  14. fabric and thrift shopping today hopefully ^^

  15. i didnt fall....i was being a ninja and the floor attacked me XD

  16. trying to figure out olivier's sword >.

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