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    Vocaloid and anime LOTS of anime ^-^ also games :3 My favorite animes include: HOTD,OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, BLEACH, LUCKY STAR,SONIC X , MIRAI NIKKI(FUTURE DIARY) , DEATH NOTE , BLACK BUTLER , INUYASHA , CLANNAD , CHOBITS , FRUITS BASKET , SCHOOL RUMBLE ,ANGEL BEATS , HELL GIRL ,11 eyes , Higurashi no naku koro ni , My Home fox diety , Madoka magica , ... And I think that might be all but swear theres more wat ev

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  1. Hello! :D No problem! And she might be cosplaying, but it won't be anything Vocaloid-related I'm afraid. D:

    1. LenKagamine


      Aww okay well that'd still be cool c; (so far we have Len(me),Rin(gf),Meiko(friend),Luka(sister),miku, and a gakupo then finally Gumi(you) :D now the last vocaloid were looking for is Kaito

  2. We'd be glad if you could join ^-^ thank you for commenting on my post :D I'll be so glad to meet you and I just wanted to ask Is your friend gonna be cosplayin (The one coming from england?) :>

  3. Cosplaying as Inuyasha , Len kagamine , and Yukkiteru for my 2nd year of Otakon

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