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  1. Hotels

    Just as an FYI for everyone that is coming to the Otakon booking site late: Even though the double bed inventory around the con is limited, if you drop the guests down to 2 there are still single bed options available in the Renaissance which is right across the street. I heard that hotel did a good job of guest relations for the con (decorations in the lobby, special discounts and menus for Otakon attendees, etc).
  2. Hotels

    I can confirm that there was no 2 bedded options in the Renaissance at 12:01pm, but given the vague delays in launching the hotels and the great availability of rooms in the Marquis this time I think what happened is that Otakon staff / volunteer / vendor rooms are probably moved to the Renaissance double bedded so that attendees had more rooms available to book in the Marquis. This is just me being a keyboard detective, so don't take my hypothesis as fact. Aside from the wrong link being posted on the Otakon site, hotel booking this year went very smoothly for me.
  3. Hotels

    If they are still in the middle of renegotiating with certain hotels, they can't give you specifics on why the block is not up yet without throwing a hotel liaison under the bus. They already said in multiple threads that they are changing things behind the scenes so that attendees have more rooms available near the convention center for the booking launch. They also said they would announce ahead of time when the hotel booking would start so it is not a surprise launch. So since they have never announced a specific date, just continue waiting. No one is secretly getting Otakon rate rooms ahead of launch so whether it goes live in August or in January you still have the same chance of getting the Marriott. I'd rather them take the time to get hotel options sorted correctly rather than sell out in August after 30 minutes and then spend the next 4 months frantically renegotiating. Trust me, you'd be in much more of a panic if you didn't have a room simply because the hotel system launched and broke. Just ask the MAGfest crowd this year.
  4. Hotels

    Anyway, for the hotels to not have gone up by now means they are trying to fix a problem with either the hotel inventory or the renegotiated pricing. Otakorp is a community driven company so they're looking to get the best deal for attendees in everything they put out.
  5. Anime NYC Nov 17-19, 2017. Anyone here going?

    AnimeNYC was pretty dope. It picked up where NYAF left off without that anime ghetto feel that happened when Reed Expo rolled it into NY ComicCon. Good sized crowd where everything was lively but nothing was overcrowded. Had a good industry presence (CR, Funi, Viz, etc.), but due to the late fall timing there was not much in the way of new announcements. Meet and greets for the Japanese guests were super easy to get into. The Overwatch VA autograph section looked like it had a long line all weekend so I do hope they can do that for different games / series because that probably made thousands of people happy to meet that cast. Lots of variety in the artist alley and dealers room. Only downsides I can point out are the acoustics for the main stage area was bad since it was in the warehouse-like lower section of the Javits, and the general expense of NYC if you don't live in the area. Also, AnimeNYC has no control over this but half the MTA train lines were shut down during that weekend so getting to the Javits was much more of an ordeal than it needed to be.
  6. Hotels

    Also think about how unusual it has been for the past decade-plus where attendees are booking the hotel rooms months before badges sales even begin. We are just used to booking Otakon 12 months in advance out of habit, not because it makes any sense from a practical point of view. The same number of people are going to rush in and book a hotel day one whether day one is in August or in December.
  7. Hotels 2018

    We got an update last week, so hopefully the announcement will come soon.
  8. Hotels 2018?

    Thanks for the hard work, the only downside of the move to DC was the increase in hotel pricing across the board. Hopefully these negotiations will keep those rates steady for the next few years!
  9. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    My request every year is always Asian Kung Fu Generation
  10. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    The first few years of NYCC were focused on giving the attendees great experiences. Companies would give out great swag just for showing up, panels were easy to attend, overcrowding issues would get addressed year to year, etc. Once they hit that critical point where tickets were selling out BEFORE guest and panel announcements then the focus of the organizers switched to squeezing out the most value out of the attendees and exhibitors that fit in the Javitts. As Aux10 said above, the attendee (and their disposable income) became the product. More upcharges for convention exclusives, more upcharges for panels hosted outside the Javitts, more crowding in exhibitor and artist spaces, no transferring badges if you bought one day and it turns out the thing you want to see is announced for another day, very little in terms of line and crowd management, the list of complaints can go on and on. The only reason I have tickets for this year is because my wife ordered them during the pre-sale just in case they announced anything good later which is a backwards way of attending a convention. That is not to say that NYCC has bad content, there are plenty of good things that happen at NYCC to fill out the weekend. My issue with them is that they intentionally sell tickets to you blind and then once the schedule gets announced its a free-for-all of either camping out lines or paying extra to see just a fraction of that content with no improvements in sight. Compare that mentality to Otakon where the majority of the show is presented for the attendees enjoyment all under one membership. You can wait and see what guests or events are happening so you know what kind of value you are getting out of attending the show. Even a show like PAX which is also run by Reed and has similar crowding and sellout issues spends a lot more resources into making sure that all the attendees are having a good time even if you are camped out on a high demand panel line.
  11. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    Unfortunately, reasons = $$$$$$$$$$$$ Luckily the badges sold relatively slow this year so hopefully they improve the show to enough of a degree to justify paying for more than one day. It has been an extremely attendee unfriendly convention ever since tickets sold out faster than their guest / activity announcements.
  12. Hotels

    That was an issue of those hotels being overbooked in general, not that they refused to honor independent bookings. If anything the direct hotel bookings are given preference since they can not push the blame on the third party convention booking, but in practice it is just first come first served and its up to the hotel manager to offer a make-good package. That is why I always get to hotel check-in early so that I am never at risk for an overbooked hotel. This tends to be a rare case now because group sales and general hotel bookings are now querying the same database- hence why the Marquis is suddenly "unavailable". Anyone that manages to secure both the Marquis direct booking and the Otakon rate will surely cancel the more expensive direct booking.
  13. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    "In order to attend Otakon you must be a member of Otakorp, Inc. Once a member of Otakorp, Inc., you will also need to register to attend Otakon. This seems complicated but we've set it up so that purchasing a membership automatically sets you up with a convention registration, because only members of Otakorp, Inc. may register to attend Otakon. So you only need to take one step to become a member and register. Since 2006, we've set it up so that each year you are able to renew your membership. This process makes it easy for you to become a member again and register for the convention. Your member ID (and the associated contact information) will stay with you for all the years you attend Otakon. Renewing your membership will register you for that year's Otakon. Being a member will also grant you access to other benefits as we are able to provide them. " - taken from https://www.otakon.com/help/faq/ The Otakon staff can provide more specific examples, but the "other benefits" in the past have been discounts or public outreach at events like Otakon Vegas, Otakon Matsuri, the National Cherry Blossom Festival, and special concerts like the Anisong Matsuri. Since Otakorp already does do a mix of ticketed events (Vegas) and free public programming (Matsuri events) I don't see how an auditor can single out Otakon as a taxable event under its current structure.
  14. Hotels

    Actually you can assume because a) the Marquis is already showing as "Unavailable" for next years Otakon's dates and b ) Otakon Staff has already been talking about the hotel situation three weeks ago. The reason hotels give conventions special rates is because they make more money through discounted volume than by charging the higher margin standard rate and having the hotel be half empty. A handful of people booking outside the group rate is not going to make every hotel pull out of providing convention discounts.
  15. Hotels

    Booking hotels early isn't a knock on Otakon's system, it is just a failsafe due to the extremely high demand for rooms at the Marquis. Besides, any hotel rooms available for booking now is not a part of the Otakon block- those rooms are already reserved and it is just a matter of Otakon deciding where to put staff / guests / etc. before opening the block for attendee booking. Obviously we all want the Otakon rate at the Marquis, but given that the rooms are limited some people are okay paying the regular hotel rate just for the guarantee of that sweet air-conditioned tunnel access.