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  1. Remember that Otakon hotels have not pulled any deposits yet and full refund cancellations are allowed up to 72 hours before check in. There is zero chance that any hotel would be willing to automatically roll over room reservations to next year.
  2. The Spring conventions really got the short end of the stick since they were too deep into regular planning to make any kind of effort to salvage their work. Otakon is still 3 months away so if they switch gears now they can have a more robust virtual event beyond just opening up a "wish you were here" discord channel. The main things you would have to lose beyond the attendee driven stuff (photo groups, parties, being around humans) is the dealers room / artist alley and the physical hangout spots like the Maid Cafe, Lolita Garden, Photo Suite, Manga Library, etc. Again I am going to str
  3. Of course, no one has a crystal ball into the future and governments are prone to make stupid decisions but if the field hospital is expected to be completed at the end of May (~1 month construction) then I have extreme doubts that it will only be used only through June and then converted back into a usable convention space by the end of July. Here are what I think the possible outcomes are given the current situation: 1) Convention gets cancelled due to the WEWCC being unavailable and COVID uncertainty. 2) Convention gets postponed to later in the year due to the WEWCC being unav
  4. Well I said if events were still getting cancelled 5 months after the initial outbreak then going to an anime convention would be the least of everyone concerns. WEWCC is going to be a field hospital for COVID patients, so this will give Otakon an exit lane to cancel the event without being fully responsible for the bills. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/dc-convention-center-to-house-500-hospital-beds-for-possible-coronavirus-surge/2277113/
  5. If the COV-ID situation gets so bad that events that are 5 months out are still getting cancelled, then getting my fix of anime will be the least of my concerns. Keep in mind that governments are taking extreme precautions now to get the situation under control quickly, especially in Japan where they very much need to be medically cleared ASAP for all that Olympics tourism revenue. I think the biggest impact is the availability of overseas guests since any kind of negotiation is going to have to wait until the virus is under control. We're definitely going to see an Dub Industry-centric O
  6. If the fountain was the only bottleneck in the BCC then I wouldn't have minded the crowds. Unforunately Otakon grew so big that there was worst bottlenecks by BOTH Skybridge connections, the entrance escalator to the dealers room, panel room queues, autograph line queues, etc. I think Baltimore was a better host city than DC because all the entire Harbor area bent over backwards to accommodate the convention guests, but the BCC itself is straight trash once you get past ~25000 daily attendees.
  7. I wouldn't say never, but it does seem like Otakorp's fear that the BCC renovation would interfere with Otakon is proving to be even worse than imagined. "We're losing all our big convention contracts to other cities because the BCC isn't good enough!" "Okay, so how about we fix it by doing nothing?"
  8. As I recall you could not do public viewings of the recordings due to the convention labor contracts, but if there was a library of these archive videos that could be "requested" by Otakon members- would that skirt around the commercial broadcast rules? We need to watch the TMR concert again for RESEARCH!
  9. Did someone change the name of the thread to Hazbin Hotel instead of 2020 Guest Requests?
  10. Unlikely as they put themselves at risk for overbooking certain types of rooms if they specify the type of room on the reservation for the Marquis. I assume they made the change to "ROH" inventory for attendees to make it easier to manage convention guest rooms and accommodate their requests first. The good news is that with all the new hotels that opened around the convention center, there are options for guaranteed two-bedded rooms if that is your priority.
  11. The value of musical guests are always going to colored by individual preferences so I hope that Otakon never runs an on-site ticketed concert again. If an opportunity like another Anisong Matsuri comes to Otakon, then the event should be held off-site. The acoustics in the convention center are not good enough to justify buying a ticket within a ticket. Even if they get a big name like RADWIMPS then only existing fans are going to pony up extra to buy the additional concert ticket instead of exposing their music to any attendee that is willing to line up. The VIP packages or preferred sea
  12. Wikipedia is never a source of primary information. It is a index and summary of information posted elsewhere. Always check the citations if you need to confirm hard facts because if it is not clearly marked where the contributor got their information then it might as well be information that came from my uncle who works at Nintendo. Even if it is not malicious, the Wikipedia 29,000 attendance figure was not properly cited and it referred the total attendance count rather than the unique memberships so it was a misleading year over year comparison.
  13. Always take Wiki information with a grain of salt unless they have a citation source. Since we're on the topic of attendance figures, Otakon "felt" more busy so I wonder if the wider adoption of single day "Trial" badges got more people into the convention center. I would rather see the convention have a steady 10% growth than the claustrophobic nightmare that was the 2013-2014 attendance explosion. Right now there is a good balance between having enough people to make a lively atmosphere and full activities without the problems that come with overcrowding.
  14. https://twitter.com/Otakon/status/1153273603431030785 They have been pretty clear that they are not printing schedules because with the lead time required for mass printing any pamphlet they give out would be inaccurate by the start of the con. You could have just printed your own copy before leaving for the con or use the digital signboards that were all over the con.
  15. Asian Kung Fu Generation. I'm going to keep requesting and hopefully one day it can happen.
  16. That was the RPG Anthem Variations performance for acoustic music fans- Eric Roth of Final Fantasy Distant Worlds ran that panel. There was also a DJ set by Taku Takahashi so electronic music was covered also.
  17. The GOOD: - Everything I went to ran smooth and efficiently. Any panel that was near or at capacity had staff managing the lines so I did not waste any time waiting on something I could not get into. The Friday Nujabes tribute concert started late, but it was only a 20 minute delay which is reasonable given that there were prepping for 4+ sets back to back. - Convention entry management was very smooth, I never had to wait more than 3 minutes even during peak hours. There weren't any places that got cut off due to attendee bottlenecks thanks to the aforementioned line management. - My
  18. What would you say is the defining characteristic of a "Western-style anime con"? If you are picturing a mostly fan-organized event then that is what Comiket already is. If you are picturing something that has industry panel rooms, vendor halls, and creator autographs then there are events like AnimeJapan and Wonderfest. If you are picturing something like Otakon that straddles between industry and volunteer efforts, well that might be a phenomenon that is unique to Western audiences because the local fan-generated content is used to fill the gaps that are too expensive to fly Japanese gues
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