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    Vocaloid and Len Kagamine <3 also any other vocaloids :D ... I love anime such as.... H.o.t.d , hellgirl , inuyasha , chobits , future diary , higerashi , Fruits basket , clannad , lucky star , school days,zombie desu ka,11 eyes,fairy tail ,and madoka magica, guilty crown, another, elfen lied, sword art online and angel beats. I cosplay as rin kagamine , kagome from inuyasha , yuno from future diary,ciel from black butler, miku from vocaloid, mikasa and levi from AOT, Gou from free

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  1. 1 day till otakon I am so exited I can't wait!!!!!

  2. Dont pay attention to my Profile Pic... My cosplay is coming in 7 days :D (the one in my picture is handmade) Also my wig and bow arrived so I'm going to update my profile pic asap when my cosplay comes c:

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