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  1. ashlynx

    How was your hotel?

    I wasn't charged for it, because I simply didn't use it. I used some of the free lobby wifi, but if I had known I could use it in my hotel room.... And yeah, I had booked at Comfort, they moved us. I paid the cheaper rate though! When I asked the front desk, at first, they didn't seem to know, but then, once I asked specific questions, they coughed up the info. Also, it was $20 a day, but it didn't roll over (I didn't even get to use my thursday money, I had no clue it expired until it was too late), but the breakfasts were also like, $20 each, so it's not like everyone in the room could get something. I wouldn't have been expecting a *good* breakfast at Comfort Inn, just a free one.
  2. ashlynx

    How was your hotel?

    Then frankly, the hotel front desk staff has clear problem with communication since I was told the exact opposite. I'm rather pissed off to know I had free wifi option available but was told the exact opposite by the staff (I remember the check in guy saying I would be charged for it). Perhaps since I was moved over from Comfort Inn, they thought it didn't apply to me or something? They didn't even tell me about the $20 a day stipend from the Comfort Inn thing, I had to find out from some other friends who were in the same situation as me and then ask very specific questions for more information like what time it expired each day and things like that (I kind of got the feeling they didn't want to tell me about it or something). I overall found Renaissance's hotel staff pretty clueless about their own policies.
  3. ashlynx

    How was your hotel?

    Only in the lobby, I used some of it myself. But I was straight up told at check in it was $13 a day to have it in the hotel room itself. Even their website said it's $13 a day to have it in the room. Thankfully these days, people can just make their phones and stuff a hotspot. $13 a day for wifi in the room is ridiculous.
  4. ashlynx

    How was your hotel?

    Stayed at the Renaissance, but was originally booked at the Comfort Inn + me and my other friends from Comfort were on the same floor! + We kept the Comfort Inn's price + room was clean, bathroom was well maintained + close to the con + elevator wait and checkout line were short + room could be pretty well lit easily (although one of our lights seemed to be broken, but it was a more minor light) + mini fridge - beds were pretty small - wtf was up with the sliding bathroom door? It felt like I was using a public restroom without a lock or something! - $13 a day for wifi? Seriously? We didn't use it (though the lobby at least had the decency to have free wifi). Comfort would've had free wifi, for such an ungodly expensive hotel, they can't even spot you some wifi? - during the second night, our damn hotel phone started blaring for no damn reason at like, 2 or 3 in the morning or something. And it did it twice! - part of why I booked with Comfort was free breakfast. Here, they gave you $20 a day, but they didn't tell me that at check in and getting all the info about it was like pulling teeth (basically, if I didn't ask the right questions, they weren't gonna give any answers). I had zero idea that I had credit on thursday and it basically evaporated because they didn't seem to want to tell you about it. And $20 a day? That got you nothing, everything in their restaurants was too expensive for everyone in the room to get breakfast, so we basically just wasted it all in the mini mart (which was also insanely overpriced with poor selection). And it's not like the $20 would roll over so the room could get at least one breakfast during the weekend either! - no microwave in room (if there were, I could've brought some microwave oatmeal with me for breakfast) Overall, I'm probably still going to try for a cheaper hotel next year (if Comfort Inn is open again)
  5. ashlynx

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Whew, got mine today! Design is nice this year, I like it! Lucky my step-dad was home, he signed it for me (I told him to expect it). I had no problem getting the lanyard on
  6. ashlynx

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Mine has not yet been shipped. Perhaps they're going for shipping out badges to locations further from the con first, to make sure they arrive with plenty of time? I live like, a 20 minute drive, so it's pretty much guaranteed to arrive the day after it's shipped (depending on the method)