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  1. The Good -line management was amazing, I never had any trouble finding the end and no line I was in or near ever appeared to impede foot traffic or anything. I guess the only slightly confusing line was the Dealer's Room on friday (but that line's always a bit iffy, so it wasn't too bad this year, definitely better over other years) -registration! That was in and out to get my badge! Glad I didn't waste the extra money to have it mailed. -old school viewings! I dragged my friend to see Twilight of the Cockroaches! -gender neutral bathrooms! If anything, PLEASE add more! For
  2. Whew, got mine today! Design is nice this year, I like it! Lucky my step-dad was home, he signed it for me (I told him to expect it). I had no problem getting the lanyard on
  3. Mine has not yet been shipped. Perhaps they're going for shipping out badges to locations further from the con first, to make sure they arrive with plenty of time? I live like, a 20 minute drive, so it's pretty much guaranteed to arrive the day after it's shipped (depending on the method)
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