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    New Cumberland, PA <3
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    Anime, manga, video games, MMOs, literature, horseback riding, archery, soccer, music, and being cool, my friend, being cool. lol n_n

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Hi lovelies~ <3

My name's Leanne, but feel free to call me Yoruichi, Pikachu, or, if you love me enough, Noxx. n__n

I'm 18 right now, turning 19 right before the con, so Ota will be my birthday present this year. Wewt~

I've been to a few different cons before Ota, mainly Animazement and Ichibancon.

I'll be walking around as Yoruichi on Friday/Saturday with my boyfriend Kisuke by my side; I'm super easy-going so come hug me, whatever. I want friends, gimmeh. -noms- o3o Also, this is my first year cosplaying. Excited doesn't even cover it. :]

Darn you, shyness. D:<

You can also add me on Facebook. URL: /leannetheamazing, but shoot me a message first or tell me you're from Ota so I don't ignore you. >__<

Also! I play MapleStory almost religiously. PM me if you play or if you're interested in playing and we'll deff get together. 8D

If you're in the Harrisburg, PA area...I WANT YOU TO BE MY HOMIE, LIKE, IMMEDIATELY. <3<3 I just moved up here and have literally no friends. ;~;

So yeah, if you wanna know more, hit me up. O;



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