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  1. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    I was doing it for a while but stopped once they stopped displaying the daily numbers. To be honest, it was pretty mundane work.
  2. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    He had already been told by a Staff member that he would have to leave because he didn't have a badge. OtaKorp is not his mother and therefore isn't really in a position to "reprimand" him for any of the things he's done in his life. All they can do is ask him to leave, then call security if he refuses. Though they should have informed him of the option to purchase a membership, I think it would be extremely surprising if he dropped $200 (for him and his cameraman) just to shoot video and take pictures over the weekend.
  3. Being the first year, the questions were bound to be numerous. I believe each subsequent year will result in less of the puzzled looks (except, maybe, from tourists).
  4. Even OtaKorp uses estimated turnstile numbers in their statistics: https://www.otakon.com/info/about/stats/
  5. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    Badges weren't asked for at the main entrance because those buying a membership on-site had no badge to show until they entered the convention center and visited the Registration Booths.
  6. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    I'd say they probably would have "survived" longer if Bruce hadn't drawn attention to himself by sitting in a Photo Suite prop chair that had just been moved by Staff but obviously hadn't reached its final destination in the move.
  7. Leave the Quadcopters at Home

    Yeah, while it's not IMPOSSIBLE that you might see a drone in flight within DC's Flight Restriction Zone, it won't be legally there without express written permission from the FAA. It's going to be a Fed drone, a news crew's drone, or part of a movie shoot. The rest of us won't get permission.
  8. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    To be fair, Security has to let people in without badges. You can't purchase a membership "at the door". You have to enter the building, go through bag check, then walk over to Registration in order to get a badge. Apparently, the Registration area wasn't obvious enough because they had Staff/Gofers with rainbow LED wands drawing attention to the Registration booths for the majority of the weekend.
  9. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    Re: the "attempted detention"... Senior Staff probably wanted to know how they got into the Photo Suite without badges. Nothing more sinister than that. I'm surprised the escorting Staff member didn't try directing them to Registration before escorting them out. Sure, it seemed like these guys weren't likely to actually purchase memberships, but at least make the effort.
  10. My Otakon 2017 Vlog

    Somehow your reply ended up before my post... evidence of the DARK ARTS!
  11. My Otakon 2017 Vlog

    Get yourself a DJI Osmo Mobile for next year. 3-axis stabilization for smartphone videos. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?A=details&O=&Q=&ap=y&c3api=1876%2C{creative}%2C{keyword}&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2sm_or3c1QIViD4bCh3APwsHEAYYASABEgJyOfD_BwE&is=REG&m=Y&sku=1276287
  12. My Otakon 2017 Vlog

    Up to minute 18 (start of day 2). still watching...
  13. My Otakon 2017 Vlog

    Nice, but I had to exit full-screen mode because all the rapid slewing was making me motion sick.
  14. On Sunday when getting added to Daikaya's waiting list, I asked the host if this weekend had been busier than usual and he immediately answered, "Oh yeah. Because of Otakon."
  15. I was a gofer manning the entrance to the autograph lines one year when fans started forming pre-lines for one particular guest's autograph session that was scheduled to begin in a couple of hours... yes, "lines" PLURAL. I then got to witness members of both lines arguing which of them was the "real" pre-line to the point that it escalated into shouting and we had to bring a staff member to the entrance. So I'd like to modify your statement a bit to state that, "If someone really wants an autograph, they will do anything in their power short of murder to make sure they get it." (and considering some of the people doing the arguing, I'm not sure murder was completely off the table)