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  1. Fadamor

    Where is Parking?

    You could also park at a metro station that has parking and take Metro to the Convention Center. That's what I'll be doing coming from Northern VA.
  2. LOL... YOU were the one who brought up "What about WWII", so right back at ya. I see you missed my point entirely. I wasn't trying to make a moral equivalency. I was making an IMmoral equivalency. Both sides committed wartime atrocities aimed directly at civilian populations with the only objective being to create terror amongst the civilians. In 1932, Japan shelled the City of Shanghai from naval ships, in violation of the 1st Article of the Hague Convention adopted in 1909. In 1935 Mussolini's Air Force dropped Mustard Gas bombs on Ethiopia. In 1937, Japan AGAIN indiscriminately attacked the City of Shanghai. The Japanese also committed the "Rape of Nanking" in 1937 and while there WAS a Chinese military force there, the indiscriminate attacks on civilians by the Japanese are well documented. In 1939, Nazi Germany bombed a Spanish town named Guernica - killing ~1650. The town had no military facilities, just townspeople. Germany also conducted V1 and V2 bombing attacks on England with no way to aim them short of sending them off in a certain direction. There was no military objective - only the goal of keeping the populace running for shelters. In all those cases, the target was the civilian population, not a military objective. Nations around the world, including the U.S. and Britain, soundly condemned these as acts of barbarism. In a September 1, 1939 appeal "To the Governments of France, Germany, Italy, Poland and his Britannic Majesty", President Franklin D. Roosevelt opined: The British, the French, and even Germany replied that they would comply. In 1940, Winston Churchill (then serving as First Lord of the Admiralty) denounced the bombing of civilians as "a new and odious form of attack." (Excerpted from "Cultures of War: Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, 9-11, Iraq" pps 159-160 by John W. Dower, ©2010, ISBN 978-0-393-34068-6) This seems good! We're holding the moral high-ground here. Now flash-forward a mere three years... My, how things have changed! In 1943 the U.S. Military began constructing civilian residences, NOT INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS, identical in construction and typical spacing to the ones used by everyday people in Japan and Germany. These mock residences - complete with all typical furniture - were built at the Dugway Proving Ground in the Utah desert. The purpose of these mock residences was to test out the best methods for creating a firestorm using incendiary bombs. When a bombing run finished, the results were tabulated, the buildings re-built, and another run was planned and executed. In essence, the U.S. military was perfecting the way to kill massive amounts of CIVILIANS in two specific geographical regions with the least amount of bombs. So much for Roosevelt's appeal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugway_Proving_Ground#History The February 14 1945 Dresden Firebombing was just one day out of eight during the war that targeted Dresden, but the target the day of the firebombing was the entire "city area" rather than most of the other days when the targets were the railway marshaling yards - a legitimate military target. (The outlier day specifically targeted the "industrial area" - also a legitimate military target.) So seven days were spent on legitimate military targets in Dresden using mostly precision (well, "precision" for the era) bombing techniques, while one day used primarily incendiary bombs and the target was to blanket the whole city area. Winston Churchill called the Dresden Firebombing by his RAF an "act of terror", to which his Air Marshall strongly objected and Churchill subsequently retracted the assertion. When your own Prime Minister sees the elephant in the room...
  3. Not flimsy at all. There were atrocities committed by both sides in WWII. Are you saying the ones committed by the Allies are somehow less egregious? Tell that to the men, women, and children boiled alive in the super-heated canals of Tokyo when they dove in trying to escape the firestorm perpetrated by the U.S. Bomber Command. There was no military target, the target was the civilian population of the city. (Ask yourself, "If they're bombing the capital of the enemy, why were the bomber crews under specific orders NOT to attack the Emperor's Palace - a legitimate military target?") ~100,00 dead and ~1,000,000 injured in one night's firebombing raid. Tell that to the men, women, and children of Dresden, Germany on the night of February 13 - 14, 1945 when for 24 continuous minutes the RAF dropped 1186 tons of incendiaries into the center of the city. There was no military target, the target was the civilian population of the city. The official RAF target was, "City Area". ~25,000 dead "Flimsy"? More like WWII strengthens my argument ten-fold.
  4. If we're just talking about being "prone to violence", BOTH sides of the issue use that as a tool as evidenced by the assault convictions after Charlottesville. The anti-Nazi faction justifies their violence due to, "We're fighting Naziism, so our violence is righteous", but violence is violence no matter HOW righteous someone feels when perpetrating it. Yes, I am very disturbed that this post sounds very similar to the excuse Trump gave at the time, but in my case I am criticizing both sides rather than trying to excuse one side because the other side used violence as well.
  5. I'm someone who feels the white supremacists rank right down there with flat-earthers when it comes to reality, but I don't understand all the people here who said the permit wouldn't get approved. As long as they follow proper procedure, their First Amendment rights to Free Speech are just as valid as ours. As long as they file the paperwork, the city pretty much HAS to approve it unless some other group had already designated that location and that weekend. About all the city can do is restrict what the demonstration boundaries at the location are. Were the city to deny the application, the lawsuits on suppression of free speech would come fast and furious.
  6. This may be nitpicking, but I wouldn't consider something 2 miles away to be "near" the WEWCC. Regardless, thanks for the heads-up.
  7. Fadamor

    Gofers Wanted!

    We're told on the Otakon Volunteers Facebook page that people volunteering as Gofers are still in demand for the 2018 Otakon. For those of you who have attended Otakon before, you know who the Gofers are: The additional man/woman-power needed (over and above the total number of actual Otakorp Staff) to run such a large event successfully. As a Gofer, you get to set which hour blocks you are volunteering for during the weekend so that a volunteering block doesn't interfere with a "must attend" panel/workshop/autograph session. I believe they are running four hours per block these days - Staff can correct me here if I am wrong. Even if you can only volunteer for one block for the weekend, it helps! I could go into the details of what Gofers do and do not do during Otakon as well as the PERKS of being a Gofer, but there is already an excellent webpage regarding these topics and more at https://www.otakon.com/info/volunteer/ Check it out!
  8. Fadamor

    Otakon Carpool!

    You might want to post this down in the Rooms and Rides thread: https://board.otakon.com/index.php?/forum/93-rooms-and-rides/
  9. Fadamor

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Here's the impressions (right or wrong) that I got from this post: People making Guest Requests should do background investigations on the people they want to request before putting the request in the Otakon Guest Request thread that appears every year. People who were incarcerated (i.e Robert Downey Jr.), or were even only investigated for incarceration, should continue to be punished for the rest of their lives. In order to truly "avoid controversy", a question like this would have better been presented in a PM to staff rather than in the Guest Requests thread.
  10. #DEY-o. DEY-EY-ey-o. Daylight come an' me wan' go home!#
  11. Fadamor

    Any English va dub guests

    I'm picturing a manga panel of Todd taking a manga arrow to the chest after this. It reminds me of a time I was in a restaurant where I was the only customer at the time and one of the servers asked to be let go "because there's nobody here." What, am I a nobody now?
  12. Well they've certainly exposed me to their brand, so I guess they've already succeeded in making people more aware of their product.
  13. Fadamor

    Food establishments/entertainment

    Daikaya Ramen and Izakaya was extremely popular last year on the ramen floor. The izakaya is on the second floor and has different hours than the ramen shop. There are no advance reservations and you can expect about a half hour wait once you check in with the greeter but the wait was worth it, in my humble opinion. There's almost no place inside to wait so most people wait outside on the sidewalk. Keep this in mind if the heat is oppressive or a thunderstorm is about to unleash its fury.
  14. So it seems that this Otakon will be heavy with Mystic Messenger-related guests. Am I way out of the loop for not knowing about Mystic Messenger or is it from a genre I don't normally follow (i.e. Shoujo)? EDIT: Just looked it up on Wiki. (I should have done that first before asking the question) I see that it's a smartphone otome game aimed at girls/women and that explains why I was unaware of Mystic Messenger for two reasons: Its primary target audience is women. It's a smartphone game and I have no room left on my Android phone for any games - even if they were aimed at a shounen audience.
  15. Fadamor


    So if Hiroshi-kun is into Mecha models and this year's theme is "Giant Robots", I imagine he's going to be featured on this year's shirts.