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  1. That part of the article was talking about which side of the BW Parkway would be used. West of the Parkway is residential while east of the parkway is a lot of government land (Ft. Meade, NASA Greenbelt, etc.) It sounds to me like they (the developers) are trying to get everyone caught up in the "Gee Whiz High Tech!!!" hype, while making no mention of the expected ridership and how the income from riders would compare to the operational costs (management, train staff, maintenance staff, ELECTRICITY, etc.) of the rail system. There's going to have to be a repair facility somewhere along the line to handle routine maintenance and non-routine repair of the trains. Once you build it, the costs to run the building don't cease. Even when there are no repairs/maintenance being performed, you still have to have those staff on the payroll.
  2. One of the Washington Post's Transportation writers had an article in today's paper on this project. She didn't seem to address the costs of operation of the system. She only discussed the funding that would be required to build it. The result is a kind of a half-hearted attempt at a news article. I don't know, maybe she didn't want to affect her access to these planners by bringing up too many negatives in her article. D.C.’s Mount Vernon Square eyed for high-speed maglev train station
  3. The problem with an ultra-expensive rail system with only three stops is economics-related... similar to the problems the Concorde SST faced. The cost of operating the entire rail system will be heaped upon only the riders heading to these three stops - increasing the cost of a one-way ticket and pricing it out of most commuter's range. The cost per rider would be exorbitant. If you say "add more stops", then it becomes less advantageous than other means of transportation as the train spends more time decelerating, stopped, then accelerating from stations rather than cruising along at the hyped maximum speed. It will be similar to what happened to the Concorde - where Britain and France were subsidizing the operational costs of the aircraft throughout the entirety of its existence. The government (Federal, State, and Local) would probably be asked to foot the majority of the operating costs "until the system becomes self-sustaining" which probably never will happen given that there aren't a lot of reasons for tourists to justify the cost to use a SMAGLEV between Baltimore and DC. Even Japan hasn't tried this commercially yet so there's no proof that a SMAGLEV system is economically feasible. Yes I'm being a "Danny Downer", but I feel our Federal Government is already up to it's ears in debt and projects like these will only bury it deeper in debt. The targeted consumer base is way too small to support reasonable fares without government bailouts. Would it be great if there was a SMAGLEV rail system? Sure! But who's going to be paying to keep it running? The answer is "The overwhelming majority of taxpayers who will never have a need to get between Baltimore and DC in 15 minutes." I don't see taxpayers approving such a boondoggle. Besides, the "15 minutes" quote is misleading unless you assume that the rider just happened to get to the station when an "express" train that skips BWI is getting ready to leave. Otherwise the potential customer will be waiting in the station for the next train, riding the train to BWI where it will stop to drop off/pick up, THEN continue to DC/Baltimore. An actual 15 minute trip will be a rarity in such a system. So if you spend 30 minutes in the rail system for a supposed "15 minute" trip, will the increased fare be really worth it? Again, like the Concorde, the answer will be, "Only for those with money to burn."
  4. Fadamor

    R.I.P. Stan Lee (1922-2018)

    Like many of his characters, Stan Lee was haunted by the things he could not control. In an interview a few years back he expressed frustration about all the things he still wanted to do, but now Father Time was rapidly limiting his ability to see them to completion.
  5. Seeing as I drive for a rideshare service I had to switch to an unlimited data plan (the phone is constantly sending my location to the rideshare service via the internet). As a consequence I didn't even pay attention to the amount of data that was being used by Guidebook.
  6. Fadamor

    Hero Union BBS

    Wut?! I just learned something... From an isekai manga!!! https://mangadex.org/title/12956/hero-union-bbs "orz": I always thought this was just some weird ending to sentences uttered by some Japanese youth. It turns out it is an emoticon. It's a person on their knees with their hands on the ground and lowering their head in despair/frustration. (explained in chapter 13 of the manga) This manga has turned out to be pretty funny so far. The premise is there is a BBS for heroes across all the parallel universes out there - both active heroes and retired heroes. The active heroes can ask for advice from the retired ones. "Retired Hero Student" seems to be from a world close to our earth in timelines, and he definitely acts as a BBS troll in his posts.
  7. The phone my dad recently bought was a Samsung J7 - one of their newer basic smartphones. They'll run ~$200 out of pocket or the phone service you use will be happy to amortize the cost over the length of a multi-year service contract. In my dad's case, it was a J7 V (for Verizon) and was a definite upgrade over the Verizon flip-phone he had been using. https://www.pcmag.com/review/345440/samsung-galaxy-j7 Personally, I've been "getting along" with a Samsung Galaxy S5 for years now. I haven't really seen the need to upgrade from it even though Samsung has been pumping out newer, more powerful models.
  8. Fadamor

    Otakon 2020 / Tokyo Olympics

    I'm not staff and do not speak for Otakorp. That said... Otakorp reportedly locked in the dates for the five years of their contract with the WEWCC. If true, then the dates for Otakon 2020 are already set. Secondly, why was this asked in the Gofer Q&A? It probably should be moved to a better category.
  9. (I'm assuming you at least have a phone with a web browser) See my post (three posts above) for how to use the web-based version of Otakon's Guide without actually installing the Guidebook app. The main drawback to the web-based guide is that it is a one-way deal - you can't send information back to the server using the web-based guide, so things like "My Schedule" cannot be used. Automatic pushes of the updated schedule also will not work with the web-based guide, but refreshing the web page should also update any schedule/room changes since the last time you refreshed the page.
  10. Using the browser on your Windows phone, go to https://guidebook.com/guides/ then type in "Otakon" in the "Type to search guides" box to find all the Otakon guides, then select the Otakon 2018 icon. After it comes up, tap the "View this guide on the web" hyperlink to bring up the guide without having to install Guidebook. I'm not sure how schedule pushes would be reflected on the web version... maybe the user has to refresh the guide in their browser manually? Here are the known issues with the current web version of the guides (most of these are concerned with building the guides). I boldfaced the ones I think are most applicable to members in general: On Guidebook web, the Interact feature is not available. Maps are not interactive on Guidebook web. Guides will use static maps. Messaging and Attendee Check-In / Connect are not currently available. Push notifications will not be sent to the web version. (You can still view notifications in the Inbox.) (Note: a "push notification" is the alert users of the Guidebook app get whenever the schedule changes. The web-based guide doesn't have your contact info, so of course it can't alert you when things change. I'm guessing a user would need to periodically refresh the guide in the browser to receive any changes.) If you have a branded app, the web version of your guides will not have your branded app themes and coloring. Guidebook web is not available for Invite Only or SSO guides. Schedule and photo album previews do not work on the web version. The "My Schedule" module is view-only on Guidebook web. This means that adding/removing sessions from My schedule is not available on the web version. (Note: Effectively makes My Schedule unusable for anyone only able to use the web version of a guide) Session registration for sessions with limited space will not work on Guidebook Web. Universal search does not work on Guidebook web. You will have to scan the web pages using your browser's search functions. The Notes module is not currently available. Thumbnail Images will not appear in the web version. Campus Tours are not available on the web version. QR Code Scanners and the Scavenger Hunt game are not supported in a web browser. Internet Explorer may experience some hiccups in navigation and feature access. We recommend using Google Chrome. (Note: I used Firefox on my Android phone to check the Otakon 2018 guide and it works as well)
  11. These are my own views and do not represent Otakorp's position on the matter: Every additional method of communication to members during the convention exponentially increases the complexity of getting a simple change to the schedule disseminated. The more social media portals that are used, the longer it takes to get the word out to everyone that needs the information. Social media portals during the overwhelming majority of the year are fine for use, as the information offered is not time-critical. During the convention, however, offered information usually is very time-critical. Cancellations and room changes usually don't happen with hours/days of advance notice. Otakorp needs to designate ONE method of communication during the convention and make that the primary, with other communication methods being used only after the message(s) have been disseminated using the primary method. Personally, I like the Guidebook app and would vote for it becoming the "primary", but Otakorp staff may know about hidden issues with the app that make is less than ideal as the main information source. I'm not convinced that "not everyone has the app" is a valid concern, because most of the other social media methods will require AT THE LEAST an installed web browser on their phone. If they have a web browser, then they probably can install Guidebook. Heck, even my dad who just turned 80 handed in his flip phone a few weeks ago for a smartphone. The number of members who truly can't (as opposed to "won't") install Guidebook is rapidly approaching zero with every Summer.
  12. Fadamor

    [Otakon News]Otakon 2018 Feedback Survey

    It goes without saying that I got in the robot.
  13. Anyone that thinks my posts are more "official" than any other member's posts (including yours and anyone else in this discussion) doesn't understand what a Gofer really is. Gofers are regular members who have volunteered to help at convention time. Other than through feedback and suggestions here (just like all other members), they aren't involved in planning the next convention at all. They don't receive any "inside information" from Otakorp Staff other than how best to help out at the next department they've been assigned to during the convention. Personally, I would be fine with not having the Gofer tag added to my account but, on the Forum, for legal or other reasons Otakorp must identify those who have worked as Gofers. Staff and Gofers are two completely separate entities and anything from a Gofer has not been vetted by Staff.
  14. Passive aggressiveness isn't going to change a thing. You couldn't be bothered to check at Registration and now are looking for a scapegoat as to why you didn't get a lanyard. If we're talking about disappointments, as a fellow con-goer MY disappointment is that apparently there are members that expect to be spoon-fed all information without any effort on their part to find things out. The truth is that it was your lax communication that prevented you from finding out the details of the lanyards. You could have asked at Registration, heck, you could have asked at any of the Otakon Information booths or the people walking around with the INFO flags. They most assuredly would have directed you to Registration to pick up your lanyard. Just like you, I had my badge mailed to me in advance with the plain blue lanyard and when I saw the FGO lanyards being issued, I asked for and received one. I didn't need to wait for Otakon Staff to issue some bulletin regarding the lanyards before I acted on my question. The people issuing badges had no problems with giving me one. Had you bothered to ask, you could have easily received one as well. I'm sorry you were disappointed that you didn't get an FGO lanyard, but you can't put all the blame on Otakorp for that. You share equally in the blame.
  15. After dinnertime when I walked by Registration the lines were barely there. There isn't a need to get something like a lanyard the first thing in the morning so you could have picked a time where the lines were shorter/gone. Of course, I suppose there's the risk of them running out of the lanyards by the time you go and you don't get one, but not asking, not finding out they're at Registration, and not getting in whatever line is at Registration guarantees you won't get one either. It's a fine example of the old adage, "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained".