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  1. I drive nights for Uber in the DC metro area and can confirm that there are a LOT of rentable electric scooters in DC that are in use at all hours of the night. Metro is an alternative option up until midnight or so - when Metro service stops for the night. Uber/Lyft, etc. are other options, but if you're looking for one in the midnight to 3:30 am time frame you will probably be in a "surge pricing" area and the rates will be higher than you are normally used to. The majority of the NW DC night scene (especially Adams Morgan) on weekends becomes surge pricing as closing time approaches. For DC, closing time is 3:00 am for alcohol establishments.

    The following are some of the recent article headlines in the Washington Post (sorted newest to oldest) regarding scooter usage in DC:

    • DC suspends Skip scooter service after second fire within a month. (June 19, 2019)
    • More Washingtonians say drivers are bad than say the same of cyclists, walkers, scooter riders, (June 10, 2019)
    • Nearly 1 in 6 D.C. residents use e-scooters, poll finds (June 7, 2019)
    • Boom in electric scooters leads to more injuries, fatalities (June 6, 2019)
    • Skip suspends e-scooter service while it reviews fire (May 31, 2019)
    • An electric scooter caught fire in downtown D.C. (May 30, 2019)
    • Red Line trains no longer single-tracking after scooter left on track (May 29, 2019)
    • Two thieves on scooters rob victim of purse in D.C. (May 18, 2019)
    • CDC study urges helmet use to prevent severe head injuries while riding scooters (May 2, 2019)
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  2. On 4/10/2019 at 6:17 PM, KSweeley said:

    The measure requires the stadium authority to pay two-thirds of the cost for planning and design — estimated at $50 million — with Baltimore paying for the final one-third.

    So Maryland is going to spend $50 million just to plan and design renovations? When the planning and designing are finished, I wonder what the price tag of actual construction would be and will Maryland taxpayers approve coughing up that kind of expenditure when there are many other issues that need to be addressed.

  3. The vote was likely influenced by the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) threat to withhold $1.6B in federal funds if Metro voted to run trains later into the night. After the spate of accidents on the Metro line, the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2015 assigned the FTA " to assume temporary and direct safety oversight of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Metrorail system." It was the January 2015 electrical fire in the tunnel and resulting death that triggered the U.S. DOT to take action. WMATA's excuse for allowing the electrical system to deteriorate so badly was that there wasn't enough "down-time" to adequately inspect the system before the next morning's service started. For WMATA to then consider reducing the down-time even MORE by running the evening trains later into the early morning hours likely caused the FTA to issue the threat.

  4. Ok. Badge was sent to a friend's house (I don't live in the US).  


    USPS tracking gave me "failed to deliver as addressed". I have double checked the address in the members area and it is correct.

    Currently, tracking shows it was sent back to Pennsylvania somewhere.


    Can people who had the mail screw up get a badge at the con?


    It sounds to me like the address of your friend that you had the badge mailed to is incorrect. Checking that the address is correct isn't going to help much if YOU have the address incorrectly recorded.

  5. Have we heard yet how people who got their badges mailed can get guides + printed schedules on Thursday?


    It's a highly protected secret. ph34r.png


    Thursday is probably not possible, but for Friday... the sheet of paper that came with your badge explains how to pick up your swag bag. To wit:


    "Where can I pick up my Program Book?"


    You can pick up your bag of con materials in the Pratt St. and Charles St. lobbies. They will also be available at the Info desks during the convention. See the map for this symbol: excl.png Note: You can also download our Guidebook App. Search for "Otakon 2015"


  6. Hmm... received my tracking number yesterday and tracking indicated that it would be delivered today.  Problem was that there would be no one home today to sign for it so I expected to go pick it up from the Post Office on Monday. When I got home this evening, the badge was waiting for me in my mailbox.  Perhaps they are allowed to leave "signature required" items in mailboxes that require a key to access and not need a signature? My mailbox needs a key to get into.

  7. It's the 10th. No badge. No tracking number. Let's just call this whole "tracking number" experiment a huge failure. Why bother when people aren't even given the tracking number until AFTER they've received the badge?  Are we now to assume that if we get a tracking number but haven't received the badge yet, that something horribly wrong has happened to the badge?


    Contact us through the help desk (help.otakon.com,) but honestly I would give it until at least Monday. The holiday weekend probably threw off the mail a bit.


    The holiday was six business days ago for the USPS AND the company Otakorp paid to get the badges out.  Sorry, I can't accept that the USPS would still be in "holiday mode" a week later.



    You'd be surprised. I live outside DC and my parents live in Boston, normally it takes 2-3 days for mail to get there, but when a holiday is involved I've seen it take up to 10.


    I think we can all agree the load on the USPS for the 4th of July doesn't hold a candle to the load they experience over the end-of-year holidays.  Apples - Oranges.

  8. I can't even imagine how long that would take... literally thousands of tracking numbers having to be linked and inputted into their corresponding member profiles wacko.png This ain't magic, people!


    Well, if they used any sort of standard database format for the membership database, once they had a text file with the member ID/tracking number pairs, it WOULD be like magic because all they would need to do is add the tracking number field to the database, then perform a merge based on the member ID. Most computers these days can perform an 8,000 record merge in about 5 -10 minutes.  The hardest part of all that would be updating the member web page to show the tracking info.

  9. The registration write-up says they EXPECT to have the badges arrive at our doors with 2 to 3 weeks remaining. Three weeks remaining has come and gone and two weeks remaining will be this Friday. Because they said "expect" and not "guarantee", they can let the self-imposed deadline expire without having technically "lied". There's an integrity issue here, though. Unlike the network issues last year - which happened suddenly, this mailing process has been an on-going "thing" for months now.  Anywhere along the process there could have been a snag that delayed the mailing date.  An honorable organization would have notified their stakeholders of the delay once it became apparent that the delay could not be made up later in the process.  Otakorp's attitude seems to be "Meh, they still have two weeks after the deadline expires" and one staff member even expressed it recently as "oodles of time". THIS IS TRUE, but it's not what has been presented to the stakeholders. Sometime last week a notice should have gone out that badges would not be arriving with three weeks remaining.  Keeping your stakeholders in the dark about changes to the plan is NOT a smart way to promote repeat business.dry.png

  10. I'm alright with a delay, but letting us know about the delay would be the honorable thing to do. When they say the badges will be at your house by July 10 and it's July 5 with no word on things actually going out their door, you have to start wondering.  If it gets mailed on Monday then the badges should still arrive on time, but if Monday comes and goes...


    This piece of information is very helpful. What would be even more helpful is if someone put this somewhere on the actual website. Especially since this is the very first time I have seen anything about emails with the tracking number. I definitely do not remember seeing this anywhere during the pre-registration process, and the only thing the 2015 badge FAQ says about tracking numbers is that I can check my Event History for my tracking number if I have not received the badge by July 10th.



    I could have sworn that I read about this somewhere previously. I also recall reading that the badges will be mailed priority and will require a signature but I don't remember where I read that either.



    It was probably here that you read it: https://www.otakon.com/registration_updates.asp#Mail

  12. "Badges will be mailed to arrive at your house 2 to 3 weeks before the start of Otakon"... We JUST reached 3 weeks, so there's still another week before you can start to legitimately get concerned. As far as I know, NOBODY has received notification that their badge is in the mail yet, so I have to assume they haven't yet been mailed.

  13. Her websites aren't much help - the Japanese site hasn't been updated since 2012 and the English site talks about the "upcoming" Vancouver convention that happened last year. Wikipedia lists her death, but (like everything else on her Wiki page) there isn't a citation to support it. Her Facebook page has a ton of condolences, but that could just be from the same ANN announcement. The most recent post on her Facebook page by HER was six days ago talking about a band covering one of her songs, but no mention of not feeling well was made. So yeah, this COULD still be a hoax via a hacked twitter account.

  14. There's no need to be so damn smart about it.  People like me get it already, so get off your high horse, and stop acting you know everything about it.


    Duhhhh. Me no' smart but me 'no' dif'rence 'tween cartoon an' kulchure.


    How's that?  Dumbed-down enough for you?  For the record, I've never been on a horse - whether "high" or "stone-cold sober".  The closest I've came was as a child on a pony ride at a carnival.  As for "acting like I know everything about it", I've never claimed that and certainly never acted like it. I'm pretty sure no one can ever claim that because the topic of Asian Culture is so vast and constantly evolving.  Even if you tried to narrow it down to just Japanese anime, I'd say there's probably still no one who can say they "know everything about it" because of the sheer numbers of titles released every season.


    I'm glad you "got it already" but if you did, then my post wasn't aimed at you was it? Turn off the flames because I wasn't addressing you, ね?

  15. I just noticed something... Jim's posts don't get a "Like This" button. laugh.png I realize the button doesn't do anything, but still...


    Staff cannot be liked. mellow.png


    Anyway.  I like the fact that Otakon stretches their reach in regards to programming and guests every year.  While I'm sure there would be members who would be perfectly happy with the same panels and guests year-in and year-out, just think of all the people who had some down-time on their schedule and attended a panel they had no interest in, only to emerge with a new avenue of Asian Culture to explore!

  16. Hopefully this year Lady Gaga won't snag my first wave of hopefuls...


    Let's see... who has Ga of Ga snagged recently that is part of Asian Culture?  Hatsune Miku?


    To those who think Otakon is an anime convention: while a big chunk of it DOES pertain to anime the convention deals with Asian Culture.  That means ALL things Asian, not just the cartoons. tongue.png  (Grinning, ducking, and running before the "cartoons" comment sinks in) biggrin.png