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  1. My thanks to everyone who worked at the info desk all weekend, I must have asked you for directions about 20 times and you never steered me wrong! Also special thanks to the people working panel ops at 9pm on Friday for being so understanding and kind!
  2. Between $450 and $500 but I paid the entire expenses for hotel/gas for myself and my boyfriend. Probably closer to $350 if it'd just been myself
  3. Dear Guy and Guy yelling with a pineapple, I have no clue what you were doing but I was feeling so dead that day and my only joy was the ridiculous amount of random you and your pineapple brought into my life. Thanks for cheering me up without knowing it!
  4. Somehow I think the question was skipped of why you can show the trailers during the fan parodies? When I think back you guys have been showing trailer parodies since I started coming in 1999. Did I miss something?
  5. I hope you all come to my Silent Hill panel :3 My copanelist and I will be dressed as Lisa and Maria of course <3 I just got my timeslot so hopefully if nothing moves it (har har this won't be my first panel to be moved to another time without someone telling me if it happens) than it'll be Friday night at 9pm - 10:30 in Panel 3. I can't wait to see all of you at the convention!
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