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  1. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    As a 501c3, Otakorp does accept donations. I'll try to see if I can get more information on how exactly you can donate to us. Until then, if you are interested in making a financial gift to Otakorp, contact us at help.otakon.com.
  2. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    We read the boards, but if there is something specific you want to address you can contact us through the help desk at help.otakon.com
  3. Out of all the stupid things you can do at Otakon...

    Alright, I am going to step in here and stop the rumor train. Yes, we are aware of the video, and we are looking into ways to improve our security for next year. No, we were not told not to comment, it's just that, at least publicly, there isn't much to comment on other than what I said above, and quite frankly we're all still recovering from con. I know I was taking a bit of a break from Otakon stuff so that I could focus on work. If you have further questions about this you would like to ask me, please PM me.
  4. Steps

    Thursday: 20,184 Friday: 22,692 Saturday: 21,959 Sunday: 26,058
  5. Reach out to our registration team at help.otakon.com. They should be able to help you out.
  6. Questions regarding Anisong World Matsuri

    There is not a separate bag inspection for AWM. As far as I know, the only event that does not allow bags is the Dance.
  7. 18+ Wristbands

    1) I usually run the lines, and from what I have seen the line looks long but has never been more than a 30 minute wait. If anybody had a different experience last year, please let me know and give me details (roughly when you got in line, and how long you were waiting). Typically the line thins out about an hour or two after we open, but picks up again about an hour before 18+ programming starts, then thins out. So the the high period is roughly 3-4p, then 8-9p 2) No, they are not removable. The bands are put on tightly enough so that somebody cannot it off and remove it to give to an underage friend. The bands are waterproof so you can wear them throughout the whole weekend, but you can also come back the next day and grab a new one.
  8. Questions from a first time Otakon-goer

    You should be able to pick up your wristbands if you already have your badge, depending on how the line is. Just come let the staffer at the front door know so that they can direct you to the right place. If they are unsure, ask for Kim from Access Control.
  9. Worbla Blades?

    Hi! Your props should not be a problem as long as they confirm to the rest of our weapons policy.
  10. Bag checks - Snacks a no go?

    It looks like your question was posted twice. I answered in the other one, but I'll give an answer here as well. Snacks are fine. Security will be looking for weapons and dangerous objects, not food.
  11. Questions from a first time Otakon-goer

    Thursday Wristband pick up will be returning this year.
  12. Prop Weapons - Flogger? Riding Crop?

    As long as you do not actually use it on anyone, it would be allowed as a prop.
  13. [Otakon News]Notice: Addition of Bag Inspection

    There really isn't much. Have your bag open, don't carry any weapons. This isn't a TSA level inspection, it's a quick check to make sure there aren't illicit materials. If you have further questions I am more than happy to answer them, but there aren't many details beyond that, unless I am missing something. Yes. As always, there will be a separate at con reg and pre-reg line. We should be posting details of that closer to con. There will also be another line for people with badges. I have attached a mock-up of what it will look like in front of the WEWCC for Friday and Saturday (subject to change).
  14. [Otakon News]Notice: Addition of Bag Inspection

    This refers to the bag/coat check for the Otakon Dance, not the bag inspections at the door.
  15. [Otakon News]Notice: Addition of Bag Inspection

    Security will be checking for Weapons, not food. We are using the same security contractors, so most likely. I wasn't at Awesome Con though so I can't confirm that If you don't have a bag you will be able to bypass bag inspection. Please note there will not be bag inspections during Thursday pickup Nope. There is one when you enter the exhibit space in the Marriott and one on the convention center. You will not have to do it again at the tunnel. If an item gets damaged during bag inspection please come to Access Control in room 204A to fill out an incident report.