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  1. kimmibeans

    Weapons question-- riding crop

    Hi there! Your riding crop should be okay, so long as you act appropriately with it and remain aware of your surroundings. Please note that all props are subject to inspection at con and are allowed at the discretion of con staff.
  2. kimmibeans

    Law Enforcement

    All functional weapons are banned from the convention center during Otakon with the exception of on-duty officers as according to local procedure and applicable law.
  3. kimmibeans

    Are all metal objects banned or only weapons?

    Hi Windseeker! Great question. As long as you don't use your kettle irresponsibly (i.e. chuck it at someone or use it as part of a battering ram) you should not have any problems.
  4. Thanks for letting us know! I do have a question though--when will the deather's room and artist alley lists be up? Also--will MICHI have a show? Or is she just a guest?