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  1. Does Otakon ever publish a link to watch all the winners?
  2. Yikes. I have run into disputes on a final bill before that I usually hash out at the front desk, but I don't think I've ever been billed an extra night. Did this show up on the statement they gave you at the hotel? Or just what was taken from your bank account?
  3. I do wish Otakon would promote the forum. There's an active Discord group, but I miss the long form discussion and organization of a forum/bbs.
  4. Show off the cool stuff you picked up at this Otakon! I need to snap a few picks of the things I bought, but I'm interested in what everyone was able to find. +++ Obligatory request to please not post GIGANTIC photos +++
  5. Yes! This guy dressed as Shin from Dorohedoro. It's been a long time since I've seen a cosplay that made me stop and blurt out "OMG CAN I TAKE YOUR PHOTO!!?" I never see any cosplayers from this series. It was a great start to Friday morning. I spent almost the entirety of my first panel editing the photo on my phone as you can see by the two edits below.
  6. So, I'm seeing alot about the food policy, but did anyone personally have food taken off of them? I walked in every day with a Starbucks coffee, a few granola bars, one day with a wrapped up subway sandwich with chips, and a couple tangerines. From this explanation, I figured that's why they were so lax about it:
  7. I always try to go to as many panels as possible. Also, warning , as a graphic designer I am very critical of the organization and look of presentations. Here's what I managed to go to this year: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ FRIDAY ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Parade of 100 Demons: Yokai Festivals I think I showed up about 10 minutes late to this one (9am panels ftw), but it was super good. Panelists had a great presentation, did their research and had some laughs along the way. Loved there were actual video clips of the festivals. Abrakadabra! Magic Sy
  8. There was also Bradio, Diana Garnet and Nano so I think it's unfair to say there wasn't a variety this year - that's Hip Hop/Rap, Funk, Pop and Rock. I didn't get to go to this, but there was also the video game anthem performance in a panel.
  9. Yeah, I never worry too much about the weather since I spend almost ALL day in the convention center, but getting caught in a random downpour from hotel to convention center does suck.
  10. Hotel drama sorted out! Can't wait for the con this year! More friends, more fun! :D

  11. Packing for Otakon already! I will forget NOTHING this year!

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