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  1. Is Hayashi going to have more autograph sessions than just his one on Friday?
  2. Yea I heard that went pretty well, so maybe something like that.
  3. Ideally we would just have normal autograph sessions but a Kanno situation would be leagues preferable to a lottery.
  4. Ugh website glitched out and repeated my earlier post. Anyway will Park have multiple autograph sessions?
  5. I knew it. The Garo director was a huge hint. I knew it. The Garo director was a huge hint.
  6. Well I struck out. Still though, some pretty good guests. Just finished watching Gundam X a few week back.
  7. Hmm. Highly prolific since 2005? Not many fit that description. The ones that come to mind would be Ando, Imaishi, and Igarashi. Hopefully you can get the guest announcements off as quickly as possible.
  8. So is the remaining seiyuu going to have a limited appearance like you warned?
  9. A few writers: Shotaro Suga-Darker than Black, Eccentric Family, Langrange-The Flower of Rin-ne, and One Week Friends Hiroshi Seko- Terror in Resonance, Panty& Stocking, and Attack on Titan Keiko Nobumoto-Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, Tokyo Godfathers, and Wolf's Rain Ichiro Okouchi-Planetes, Code Geass, Valvrave
  10. Megumi Han Kana Ueda Robin Atkin Downes Koji Eto Atsushi Ikariya Tomonori Sudou Yasuhiro Takemoto
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