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  1. Totally understandable and yeah I think most everyone would agree if it meant the difference between getting something like the arena (which I have heard nothing but good reviews on except on the arena staff themselves), and performing in a small space, that they'd rather have the arena. It'd be nice to have the discounts, but again if that would cause the same/similar problem to free memberships I can understand again. Still perhaps instead of one huge nifty prize such as the DVD player, perhaps you could suggest smaller prizes that could hopefully be distributed more evenly throughout a gr
  2. Aww thanks Moo_Moo it is appriciated that you liked ours, even if just a little. I can tell you the lumping of skits was something that was talked about backstage and in the green room and is still being discussed on Cosplay.com. The overall agreement seems to be that noone liked it since we were afraid of the overkill effect it would have. Hopefully one of those things that can be looked into for next year or such. And yeah I wasn't personally at the masquerade last year, but I did get to see those skits, and have heard talk about it. If anything needed to be broken up it was those t
  3. Personally I'd second the motion for some kind of reduced price to next years Otakon, or even a free membership. I was the Rude from the Soul Society News skit (skit 13), and while we were totally floored by our win and absolutely estatic too, the DVD player is one of those things there is no way you can split five ways. We've come to the conclusion we're either going to sell it to buy a dinner or use it at cons, but something that could actually be given to each member of a skit would be nicer since not everyone lives right next door to each other in skits. Wonderful idea Neolunaangel and
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