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  1. How could the thing that spawned Samurai X take away from it? Without Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai X would have never been as Samurai X was made AFTER Rurouni Kenshin had been out for like 5 years?...
  2. I am pretty much dead set on Movie!Edward from FMA this year at least one day, if not two. I am also considering doing Kenshin, but I will be strapped for cash if I do, which would mean no convention swag. My sister and friend are going to be doing Kaylee and River from Firefly and I was considering joining them, but the only other girls are Inara (who is too sexy for me to pull off) and Zoe (but my hair isn't curly or brown), so I don't think I will. But I would really like to do two different cosplays for Friday and Saturday. I did Sailor Venus the past two years but my costume hasn't faired
  3. I read somewhere that there was going to be a surprise/secret revealed at the opening ceremonies this year, but a friend wanted to go to the PGSM panel instead, so I didn't get to find out what it was. Was there a surprise/secret and what was it? Thanks!
  4. I love cosplaying, but I'm terrible at sewing and I don't enjoy doing it, so my costume was mostly made by my mom. She actually is into sewing, so doesn't mind it that much, but I still try to help out and lighten her load. Hah, but she didn't want to make a new one this year, so I'm reusing last year's.
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