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  1. Definitely going to toss my vote in with Monkey Majik, Perhaps even Invite the Yoshida Brothers for a re-appearance (and the Change Encore of course) Myth & Roid would be fun (Overlord OP S3, ED S1, ED S1; Re:Zero ED2) https://myanimelist.net/people/40497/MYTH___ROID GARNiDELiA (Animegataris OP; Gundam: G OP1; Kill la Kill OP2; Mahouka Koukou no Rittousei ED) https://myanimelist.net/people/28539/GARNiDELiA 8-Bit Big Band FT: Kaho Kidoguchi 木戸口歌穂 - they do video game covers, they're "local" based out of NYC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBovvL03dKQ - Kaho Kidoguchi Mao Mao OP (Cartoon Network), currently lives and performs in Japan
  2. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. Looking forward to a new year with friends, anime and Otakon!

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