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  1. anybody else watch Dimension 20 with Brennan Lee Mulligan as the DM? What season(s) have you watched?
  2. Dub VA: would be nice to see Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham again (2015 i think was their last appearance at Otakon) Alexis Tipton Aaron Dismuke Matt Mercer (the larp will probably close for a while if you get him though XD ) Seiyuu: Nana Asakawa Kanna Hashimoto Hayato Sano Musical Guest: Monkey Majik Oresakband (with their new band mates) Joe Hisaishi (a huge reach but maybe) Other guests: Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru Umebayashi, composers for the Ghosts of Tsushima soundtrack.
  3. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. Looking forward to a new year with friends, anime and Otakon!

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