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  1. well we will be there broke and tierd well at least me. since i couldent get off work just got an apartment and am learning the hard way what a budget means :_( . and have to go cause i made a promise that id do this for a special some ones bday.... but on the good news my brokeness and over preparation has made me learn to make onigiri and master cute bento boxes in an effort to eat healthy and save money since were there just for all of saturday. now just gotta worry about gas and im golden
  2. i have to toss in vanilla ice's go ninja go for all out randomness and a lil click click boom
  3. if its the same as last year a day pass is 3.00 and lets you go on as many times as you want
  4. how is it no one said "i think im turning japenese " by the vapors? i mean it screams con or leetstreet boys fan boy of the opera...
  5. hey count me in we can do lunch
  6. nice idea but you may want to post on other boards to
  7. gordon... you are so smart it scares me but you are absolutely right the chances of finding love at a con is very slim, but the chances of making a connection that could lead to love is fair at best . i feel the best bet is to find some one who is either going or has an interest and talk to them, if i may suggest starting a thread where you exchange myspaces, aim or so on's. just remember guys you don't find love, one day you realize it has found you
  8. what i would love to see either a zombie chase or for some strange reason a zombie jehovas witness
  9. ive wanted to do this for a while but the only idea i could come up with to look half decent is to take one of those guy s riding an ostrich costume and replacing it with a chocobo
  10. Exactly. Wish my bf's mom would realize that. But I lose points with her just because I'm white. x.x
  11. so are there any good places to eat for the random vegetarian?
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