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  1. ehh im torn rock concert or anime i can shoose
  2. Exactly. There's a 98% chance that you'll NEVER see any of these people again. So just have fun.
  3. so is tails in this game? and if so is he in that gay walking robot?
  4. oooh now THAT is an idea..... cosplay paddle-boating on thursday night. I say there should be a paddle boat race across the inner harbor: the narutards vs. the bleach nuts as far as the dealers room line - that really doesnt make any sense. i guess i can understand there not being anything you want to do or see friday morning, but why wait in a line for hours when it'll disperse in a few minutes once the doors open? there should be SOMETHING fun for you to do. and there is nothing rare in the dealers room that is going to sell out right away. this is why I think the dealers room should be
  5. just curious but how late is the aquarium open till? i figure that or a paddle boat race would be a fun way to spend Thursday....or even a paddle boat joust.
  6. im hopeing for random things like domo kun or otaku written out or godzilla rampaging
  7. hot wheels race track. sigh so many long hours making tracks to ramp the stairs.
  8. i have a quick question and i know this may sound completely retarded but would it be possible to let a few people waiting in line help out with say minor work like moving gear off trucks or down halls in exchange for a quicker registration? of course you would have to check there id but i figure a few extra hands would be nice to take the stress off of you guys and speed up the line
  9. id like to see some custom psp face plates or a place to do quick mods on psp or ds
  10. since i dart down from south east pa yay 2 hrs of the same road.... i grab my bag and grab some sushi from the inner harbor
  11. unlimited budget... id go as a giant serve bot or tron bot and bring all my little cousins and neighbors (since i could afford the hotels transport and cost) dressed as serve bots and we would take over the dealers room
  12. .0 hmm clever play on words just out of curiosity would a death note parking ticket or i.o.u. make any sense?
  13. well if you came hme with that much money you should have done what we did and gone out for ome decent sushi. yumm best usage of money there since here wasent much good merchandise. i understand that you want to find certain stuf but the dealers are going to market to the most main stream. and personally im glad bleach is so huge it gets them to bring more swords. but i would like to see more diverse games and stuff to but for now im glad its not pokemon even though a evee plushie would be radd. but what i would like to see more of is some kind of order in the dealers room. like a manga alley
  14. dude i saw more stars members then naruto characters and believe me i was looking. but what i have to say that i saw the most of was cosplay wise was kingdom hearts. phoenix wright came in second followed by zelda characters. i saw allmost every zelda main and mentionable character even a few duku or is it deku links. but bleach wasent that big bigger then naruto but well when somethings popular and easy to get a costume of its going to be done a lot ...hence the huge amounts of venom shirts at the con. but as for next year i say look for tokko,street fighter, blood plus and either halo 3 the
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