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  1. I saw them live as well!! They were awesome and soooo nice in person!! I was just wondering....depspite the NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy, did anyone manage to sneak a photo? I only managed two pictures....BLURRY pictures lol when I was waiting in line for an autograph up in the balcony XD I was so happy when they performed one of my favorite songs "Kimi no koe to yakusoku" and I sang along to it as well! Well parts of it lol
  2. WOA!!! Thats awesome! Unfortunately I can go because Ill be miles and miles away from Anime USA in college! O_O They are awesome! I did get to see Nana Kitade and MUCC back at the Otakon 2006 con though! It would be cool if Plastic Tree could come to Otakon!! Ill buy Versailles album sometime!
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