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  1. I'm not sure that's entirely true. Well, last year in my skit 2 out of 3 were Cirque du Soleil characters and the other was Alice. (We also did happen to win a judge's award, though.) I guess you can say that our Dralion cosplayer did help, since that was the only thing even remotely related to east asian culture..
  2. 1. The no-food and drink policy was crap. 2.They gave my group a hard time about forgetting our badges at the hotel and RUDELY refused to let the Masq staff know where we were (one member was running to the hotel-fortunately 1 1/2 blocks away- to get the badges and the rest of us were waiting for her). As a little note there was only 2 people behind us (so absolutely no line which would have been no problem for the 2 badge checker people there and having ONE of them let the staff know). That was uncalled for. ETA:When were rudely told that they could not let the staff know that we were th
  3. I agree with glitterfizz. Gift certificates to the fabric stores would be nice. Also, it would be nice to get a certificate to a wig store in addition to or in place of the fabric store certificates. The offer of the box-load of manga is still available for the prize people. I'll try not to take any manga! I'll probably tell the BCers to try to shoot for the more popular manga out there.
  4. Could I make a suggestion? What about having a wish list so people (in addition to the prizes from the dealers, etc ) can send something in to you guys as a prize for someone? For example: I'm a bookcrosser-If I ask for donations from the thousands of bookcrossing members, I'd have a box or 2 FULL of manga (and anime related books such as the "how to draw" ones) that I would be absolutely happy to donate to award winners.(My bookcrosser user name is AlterEgoZoe.) Just something to think about.
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