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  1. fripSide It'll never happen but a man can hope.
  2. fripSide. One of these years it's bound to happen.
  3. I forgot to mention that. I was glad to see people taking it seriously. It was the a big reason why the con was able to happen as all. I was in that line but I was lucky where I was on the stairs when all the people started go up the escalator. That got scary real quick. They need to sort out the line into two lines for the main entrance. They need one for people with badges and people who are picking up badges. That way it avoids the giant line going around the block and a bunch of people funneling into the Marriott tunnel to try and get in.
  4. Figured I would make this since Otakon is still fresh in my mind. I don't have many that I would like to see but there are a couple. Dub Actors -Steve Blum Musical Acts -Fripside
  5. No one made one of these yet so I guess I will start. Good: Otakon is back!! =] Panels - Panels were great. Liked that there was both quite a bit of diversity in the panels but there were also panels that touched on similar topics and it was good to see how differently they were approached. Art Auction has been great like always. I am glad that they moved back to in person paying instead of online. Bad: Just a couple gripes, nothing too serious Ending at midnight instead of 2am. I know that it's because of cleaning and such but I hope it goes bac
  6. fripSide. One of these years it's bound to happen.
  7. fripSide. One of these years it might happen.
  8. Any idea when it will be added in the Guidebook app?
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