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  1. Re: Hampton Inn To satisfy my curiosity, I tried to make a reservation there on the weekend of Otakon. When I entered those dates, I got Now I'm wondering whether this is because they don't take reservations a year in advance, or is there something going on there that weekend.
  2. I was surprised the Hampton Inn wasn't on the list, but I was able to 'settle' for the Marriott Marquis. (If Hampton becomes available later, I may switch.) Another surprise was that after ~ 10 minutes it looked like the Marriott was still open. Maybe something to do with all the 404's.
  3. I finally have a little time to look at the notes I took on the panels I saw and my impressions of them. Disclaimer: There were some panels that I didn't catch completely. I'll mention that in my assessment if applicable. And, of course, these are all my opinions / observations, but they should be accepted as gospel truth by all who read them. (N.B. I hope these spoiler blocks work correctly and split them up by day.) Superheroes in Asian Film / One Man Army - I put these together because they were both presented by filmsmash. I go to their panels to watch the clips, as opposed to looking for in-depth analysis. That being said, the clips are always fun. The Road to Becoming a Magical Girl -This panel talked about how different characters in anime qualify as 'Magical Girls', even if the trappings are different. It also went into the differentiation between a Magical Girl and a Magical Warrior. America in Anime - This was about how America is presented in various anime, including such broad stereotypes as 'Americans curse in every other word they say.' This one got better a little ways into the panel, as it went from primarily showing clips to more explaining about the misconceptions. (Though the one about the woman who microwaved her cat and then sued the company for not warning people not to microwave cats is totally believable.) The downside was that this panel was fairly short , at roughly 35 minutes. Awesome Anime Openings, Mecha Edition - Exactly what it says on the tin: a selection of openings from various mecha anime, including the parody opening Macross SD. A panel just for showing videos, not really conveying information. Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it, though. Awesomely Bad JMVs - I walked in on this about halfway through, and it wasn't exactly a panel, but this had me asking W.T. actual F. was going on with them. While I was laughing my @$$ off. The one with the soccer player with his family at gunpoint had the whole room in a laugh riot. The Hunt for the Tuatha de Danaan: Connections between Full Metal Panic and the Works of Tom Clancy - This one was...okay. I got the impression at times that the presenter had less of a script and more of an outline by the pauses in presentation. I'm not very conversant with FMP, so some of the connections made went by me. Joshi: Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling / Japanese Pro Wrestling Primer - (Same presenter) I didn't catch all of these, but I was curious how Japanese wrestling compared and contrasted to pro wrestling - both in wrestling and scripting. (I never knew that the Japanese had an 'idol star' style of wrestling.)The segment where one wrestler fought against a dummy for almost 8 minutes was worth the price of admission alone. My Hero Academia and the Subversion of the Superhero Trope - Some early technical issues delayed the panel, and the presenters were somewhat hesitant at first (this being the first time) but gained confidence as the hour went on. The panel itself was about MHA and how it both reflects and inverts the tropes of modern superhero comics and the Hero's Journey of Campbell. Cancelled Anime: Gone Before Their Time - (I missed some of this to catch the AMV contest.) A well-filled first panel of the day, it went into how some anime were able to have an ending while others never got a chance for closure. The part I saw primarily focused on shows from the 90s. Saint Seiya's Masami Kurumada: The Man Who Defined Shonen Action - (Caught the latter half of this one.) I don't know much of the man's work outside of Saint Seiya, but this panel gave an overview of his other works and how he imported characters, plots, etc. from earlier projects into later ones. Food Wars W/ Yuji Matsukura! - (Again, missed a good bit of this one.) The guest really enjoys his work and appreciates the fans. He was amiable and amusing during the session. Gamers in Anime - I have to confess that I went to this one because New Anime for Older Fans was full. I'm glad I did, though, as this was a funny panel that looked at more than just video games and Yu-Gi-Oh. Anime Face Lift: Remakes and Revivals Over the Decades - A panel that seems apropos in light of the trend of remaking anything and everything under the sun. It looked at Osomatsu-kun, Black Jack, and Astro Boy in different incarnations over the years. Dawn of the Rising Sun II: Land of the Samurai - A look at the rise of the samurai from their start through the Sengoku period and the Tokugawa Shogunate. An informative panel but there was something that detracted from my enjoyment of it. Americanization in Anime: The History and Horrors of 4Kids Entertainment - And ending my trip through Otakon was this panel. It really was hilarious to see how far 4Kids would go to remove Japanese references from the various anime. In its own way, its popularity was a downside for me - I can't say that being forced to move from a good view of things to watching the back of someone's head is on my list of 'Favorite Activities at Otakon'. Just because I understand the reason doesn't mean I have to like it. TL; DR - Overall I liked the panels - some more than others, but there weren't any where I walked out. (I have done this at times.) I would have liked to get to a few (New Anime for Older Fans, Anime and the Survellience State, Otakorp and You: Demographics and Financials) but they were either full or not viable due to schedules. (I had an afternoon train to catch.) I appreciate the effort the presenters made to bring these panels to Otakon this year, and look forward to seeing more next year.
  4. This includes things that are personal and biased towards favoring me. I'm very egotistical that way. The Good: - So far I haven't been hit with the Con Plague. (Knock on wood.) This was despite several people coughing their heads off near me in various panels. - I was able to get an 18+ badge in about 5 minutes Friday morning. (The line later was pretty impressive.) - I didn't have any major issues with the bag check, but this was because I used a canvas shopping bag instead of a backpack. (It's sooooo much easier to just open a bag than to unzip a dozen pockets on my backpack.) - Overall I liked the panels I attended, though see below. The Bad: - Several panels I wanted to see were filled up by the time I got there. (I noted that the line of people waiting for others to leave 'New Anime for Older Fans' had a significant percentage of non-older fans.) - There were times when I wanted to take pictures of cosplayers, but they were either talking to people or on the phone or otherwise occupied. (I'm of the opinion that they're doing me a favor by posing so I didn't want to bother them.) It didn't help that the batteries that I charged 2 days before the con lasted about as long as Ultraman's Warning Light before the camera started blinking about low battery power. - The Comedy category in the AMV Contest was rather...lackluster. Usually there are several that will have me laughing uproariously, this year I voted for the one that made me chuckle a little. The Ugly: - There was a panel where the presenter would give a loud "UM!" every few sentences, whether to gather his thoughts or just as an idiosyncrasy. (I feel a similar irritation when I hear someone on the radio use 'You know' 20 times in one response.) I'm not saying that I would do better with public presentation, but it was distracting to an otherwise informative panel. Various and Sundry: - Is it me, or was the Art Show itself rather sparse? I would swear that there seemed to be fewer pieces up there than previous years, but it may just be a similar number of pieces in a larger space. I was curious about why some pieces had red marker on the tag - was that to signify that someone bid on it? - Speaking of the AMV contest, was that the same opening as last year? I don't remember Twilight with the update of the WEWCC over the BCC, but that may just be faulty memory. - I noted the Otakon advertisements in Mt. Vernon Square Station of the Metro (see below). It surprised me to see it there. I didn't see any at Chinatown, L'Enfant Plaza, or Union Station - were they anywhere besides MV?
  5. Revan

    How was your hotel?

    I concur about the Hampton Inn. I missed getting the Marquis this time, and the Hampton was the closest one that offered 2 beds in the room, so I booked there. I have to say it was a good move. As pointed out above, the breakfast buffet was definitely worth it (Not having to buy breakfast for 3 days for 2 people does help keep spending down.), and my brother was telling me he wanted to take his bed home because it was so comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised that the Safeway was only a block away, and it wasn't that far to get to the Metro in Chinatown. (And the baked cookies on Thursday afternoon were nice too! ) If I can't get the Marquis, I'll definitely take the Hampton. Even if I can get the Marquis, I'll look at the Hampton Inn again.
  6. Revan

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    As of this morning, I didn't have a tracking number. When I got home from work today, the badges I ordered were in the mail. I just checked, and there is now a confirmation number in my membership.