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  1. Revan

    Cheaper Badges for 2018

    I'll be curious about the details on this, which I'm sure will be talked about at the 'State of Otakorp' panel this year. On the one hand, I'm glad this will mean more people attending the con. It can only help in keeping it going strong. On the other hand, more people will be a personal inconvenience to me, so I am against that. (I'm a very selfish, lazy man. )
  2. Revan

    Your first Otakon

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum for it, so if it needs to be moved I apologize. In honor of the 25th Otakon, I propose we share how we got into anime and came into the Otakon fold. My story begins in the early 90s. A friend of mine got me into anime when he would come home from college during the holidays with copies of anime in raw Japanese. (I specifically remember Akira and Grey: Digital Target.) I was pretty much hooked from the get go, even if I didn't understand exactly what was going on in the story. Eventually I started picking up subbed tapes at the various local comic shows, (Ranma 1/2 and Project A-ko being particular favorites of mine.) which I then shared with my brother and friends. Of that group, my brother expressed the most interest in it. Then at Philcon* 1993, I came upon the usual table filled with fliers for different cons and area clubs. This particular one caught my eye. Except for what I saw at Philcon and the like, there wasn't much anime around at the time. (This was a few years before Suncoast Video carried a stock, IIRC.) I asked my brother if he wanted to go to State College for an anime con. In July he drove us to State College for our first Otakon, and we've been going ever since. * This was when it was still in Philadelphia, and when I was still going to the con.
  3. Revan

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    As of this morning, I didn't have a tracking number. When I got home from work today, the badges I ordered were in the mail. I just checked, and there is now a confirmation number in my membership.