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  1. Hotels

    Out of curiosity, does anyone have any experience with the Henley? I was just looking at the different hotels and saw this one a block away from the convention center. Out of curiosity I started to book it for the Otakon 2018 dates, and it came up for $199 / night. (Cheaper than the Mariott even with the Otakon rate.) It even has an afternoon tea service! (Though I don't know if they'd appreciate me there in t-shirt, shorts, and sandals sipping my Dragon Pearl Jasmine and nibbling on finger sandwiches.) Some downsides that I can see are 1) that it looks like they only have single bed rooms even if you have 2 adults. (I'm told I have a tendency to snore - loudly, or so I'm told -, so I don't think my brother would appreciate me sounding "like a jet engine" at point blank range.) and 2) I've seen stories of bedbugs there. (Though these look like they're a couple of years old, so the situation may be rectified.) So, anyone have information on them?
  2. Suggestion: bring back daily passes

    To elaborate on the responses (presuming I remember properly from the Otakorp and You panel): If they had single day passes, the ticket would be subject to 'entertainment tax' (as high as 40%?). Someone would have to foot the bill, and the simplest way would be to tack it on to the cost of attending. Also, IIRC, the fiscal year is set to start in October.
  3. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    I've been mulling this over and have a suggestion. Instead of trying to get everyone together, perhaps it would be easier to have people record their anecdotes, then if they aren't busy they could elaborate on it at a panel. This would ensure that you have the material (as you said, 'the best stories') and not cause conflicts with staffing assignments. Again, I don't know how viable that would be, but to me is seems that it would be less hassle for all parties involved. (Another advantage would be that you'd have a year to do it, so there's no rush to complete the project. I'd be willing to bet that most if not all staffers have access to a webcam so they could record it at their convenience.) I can't say it's the best option, I'm just running it up the flagpole to see who salutes. Re: changing demographics - I understand that. It seems that the crowds keep getting younger. The fact that I have badges that are probably older than a percentage of the crowd has not is not relevant to this discussion.
  4. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    I wasn't ignoring you, I just needed some time to think about it. Personally, I'd like to see one panel on the history of Otakon (the origins*, the Days Inn, the Labor Day / 4 day Otakon of 95, the move to the BCC (I vaguely recall that the first year there was another event going on that involved a lot of people in suits looking uncomfortably at the Otakon attendees.), taking over the whole of the BCC) and one on anecdotes about what goes on behind the con (the Burger King / "It's THEM!" story from Otakon 20 still makes me laugh ) or maybe including stories from attendees from the days of yore (like the 'Dealer's Closet' of 1994). But that's me - my focus has shifted away from videos and more towards panels over the years, and I've been to every Otakon so I admit a bias about the early days. However, having gone to these types of panels I must admit that they're not the most well-attended, and with limited room space available there's only so much you can program. Not to mention the issue with more participants giving less time per person to talk. Finding the right balance would be a challenge. In a perfect world all this could be accomplished with a minimum of headaches. Then again, in a perfect world I would win the Powerball tonight and not have to be at work on 5:30 on a Saturday morning. *Edited to add: I vaguely recall that Jon Acheson once wrote (on another forum) that a group at Penn State went to an anime con that wasn't very well done, and the group decided 'We can do better.' Thus, Otakon. I may be not be remembering it correctly, as it's been years since I saw that post.
  5. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    Warning! - This is a long post, as I primarily go to panels anymore. My, What Long Lineages You Have! The Oddly Stagnant Histories in Fantasy Literature and Anime - Focused more on Western literature than anime, but was interesting enough. (Spoiler alert: Magic is the cause of all of it.) Aliens, Boxing, and Curses:The world of Rumiko Takahashi - This was an enjoyable stroll down memory lane. Bubblegum Crisis: 30th Anniversary - Another fond reminiscence, though I wish they had mentioned the reaction at the original premiere of the BGC dub. (I was there, and it wasn't pretty. ) Matsubara Live Drawing The Voltron panel was full and I needed to sit down to rest, so I went across the hall to this panel. It was more fun than I would have thought, with Hidenori Matsubara telling of his experiences in the industry while drawing various characters. (Side note: How much did the sketches go for at the auction?) Spacecraft, Spies, and Cyphers - I missed part of this (see panel above), but it is both amazing and scary to see what can be done when it comes to data gathering and encryption/decryption. Uncle Yo's Magical Girl Bootcamp/ - Uncle Yo is always fun to watch, and his comparison of Western Princess vs Eastern Magical Girl showed me a few things I hadn't thought about before. When Subtitles Go Wrong - I was at the panel in 2015, and it's still funny now. The Equestrian Candidate: MLP Conspiracy Theories - I'm not really sure why this was in there (re: Asian culture), and I'm not into MLP: FiM (I know enough about it to follow what was going on, but I like the Manly Battleships and wanted to see their take on it.), but it was amusing to hear how the 'benevolent leader Princess' was actually a despotic tyrant (among other things). Firearms & Anime - The panel went into detail about how some shows recreate weapons with exacting detail, and others have guns that can't possibly work. I'm not a gun enthusiast, but it was informative. Otakorp and You: The Bylaws - I've been to several of these, and I always find them informative. I do have on quibble: It was mentioned that the Otakon charter has 19 amendments and the audience was asked for input about future amendments. It's difficult to give my feedback about them if I don't know what the actually are. The Real Ninja: History vs. The Media - I liked the presenters' stories of how their experiences at the historical ninja locations. This was another fun panel. Vintage Anime Quiz Show w/ Shino Kakinuma! - The questions skewed fairly heavily towards Dragonball and DBZ, but the people running it were fun and a good time was had by all. (Commentary: It amuses the heck out of me that One Piece is now considered 'vintage'. People who grew up on this, you are now officially older anime fans. Welcome to the club! ) Otakatana! - Katana of Otaku Generation - I wanted to see this because I was interested in the process of how they created the blade. (Metallurgy is related to my job.) It is a beautiful piece, and I got a few pictures of the blade in the Otamuseum. Thirty Years Ago: Anime in 1987 - Another panel I've attended before, and will try to see in the future. The only downside was that they wouldn't close the door when the room was full (this was done with several other panels), and the noise from the hallway blocked out some of the sound, especially since I was near said door. Film Smash Presents: Espionage in Asian Film - The clips they showed made me want to watch the movies, but that was pretty much the panel: a clip show. Improving your convention photography - Technically not a panel, but I'm throwing it in anyway. The batteries in my camera died and the replacement ones were in my bag in my room, so I couldn't do much during it. However, the advice given on staging and framing a picture is something that I will try to apply to my photography, even though my style is definitely more 'point and shoot'. (IMO the people posing for the picture don't need me spending a lot of time trying to frame the perfect picture while they wait.)
  6. Otakon 2017 panel feedback

    I found out that the Marriott has a complimentary 'late checkout' option. I was asking about somewhere to store my bags for a few hours (I had to catch the 2:20 Amtrak train at Union Station.), and the man at the desk told me that late checkout was available. They gave me a spare room card that was good until 1 pm (the time I specified) and I hit the con for a while before I had to leave.
  7. Two comments on getting around the GWCC

    I was sore tempted to buy a pad of Post It Notes and slap 'You are here' on the appropriate locations on the signs. It was definitely confusing at first, though I did get sorted out after a while. I will say they could have made it a little clearer about the Dealer's Room on Saturday.
  8. Washington Area Traffic Advisory

    Does anyone know what happened on Thursday at around 3 PM near the Smithsonian? I took the Green line down but when I wanted to go back to the hotel, there were cops, barricades, and police tape. I heard someone ask a cop 'Are we going to have to evacuate the building?', but nothing showed up on the news that night. I ended up walking back to the hotel. Thankfully it wasn't super hot and humid, or I might not have made it.
  9. Keeping an eye on the weather, and:

    That reminds me of a Greek church near where I work. Every year they have a festival at the beginning of June, and like clockwork you can bet we have rain during that time. I don't think it's ever missed. I'm also recollecting Otakon 2002 - back before Thursday pre-reg was a thing. That Friday morning it started pouring rain, and though I had an umbrella the majority of it was used trying to shield a Queen Serenity cosplayer next to me. Hitting the air conditioned convention center after getting soaked was not one of my favorite con experiences. I got my badge and immediately went back to the hotel to change clothes.
  10. Keeping an eye on the weather, and:

    More recent forecasts: National Weather Service Weather Underground To sum up: Thursday, partly sunny high 80-83F, Friday to Sunday 40-60% chance of showers and thunderstorms, highs 80-85F. Packing an umbrella is probably a wise move.
  11. Guess The Final Registration Count!

    Twenty-nine thousand... five hundred and forty.... TWO! (My thought process is linked. )
  12. Schedule's up!

    https://hiroko.otakon.com/events_schedule.asp - direct link to it. Interesting, I don't see the traditional fan parodies, though 'Uncle Yo's Magical Girl Bootcamp' does sound like fun to watch. It looks like there's a little relaxation in the 'Asian culture' line: I saw a Disney cosplay panel and a [url=https://hiroko.otakon.com/events_schedule_detail.asp?eventID=28&id=49931]couple[/url] that were more generic fantasy or other fandoms. I'll have to go over this more thoroughly, but I wanted to start the discussion.
  13. Badge Mailing

    I just received mine in the mail today - didn't even know it was coming in yet. Good to see they have their priorities on the entrance map - they listed a place that sells coffee right near the main entrance. What's the little camera icon with a '3' next to it? I'm guessing gathering site 3 for cosplay shoots?
  14. I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    As of this morning, I didn't have a tracking number. When I got home from work today, the badges I ordered were in the mail. I just checked, and there is now a confirmation number in my membership.