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  1. Revan

    Otakon 2020 Hotel Portal update?

    Looks like I'll find out about this promo, as I got the Marriott! That application error at noon had me refreshing the page every time it got done loading. Had a bear of a time getting the reservation, as it didn't take the +1 guest data when I first entered it, and then had my brother's email as my contact initially. Then the Confirmation button wouldn't work, so I was really worried at first, but then everything went through. Anyone know how fast the Marriott sold out? by the time I was done, it was off the hotel list.
  2. Revan

    Otakon 2020 Hotel Portal update?

    This bit caught my eye: The Marriott is my preferred choice due to convenience, but this extra stuff makes me want to book there even more to satisfy my curiosity about these perks. (Or is it perqs?)
  3. Revan

    Otakon Panel Feedback 2019

    Part 2 - Saturday (and Sunday) Missing the Ma[rk]doka: 'Dark' Magical Girls Post-2011 - This panel explored how magical girl shows have always had a 'dark' side, and how more recent shows tend towards violence & body horror and away from sacrifice and the chance of redemption. A good panel, but short (35 minutes long). New Anime for Older Fans - I went to this directly from the above panel, as it fills up quickly - there were a lot of repeat attendees, myself included. I probably won't get the chance to see their picks, but I'm always curious to see what's recommended. Didn't catch all of it, as I had to get to the next panel. What the Heck is Japan Trying to Sell?! - A collection of weird Japanese commercials, including a series of Nicolas Cage pachinko commercials, a creepy Ronald McDonald, and, of course, Pepsiman! (I knew this one would fill up, so I bailed on the 'New anime' panel early.) Again, I knew this would be a clip show but it was still hilarious. Here's That Rainy Day: A History of Japanese Jazz - I was surprised at how popular this one was - the room was packed. I was also surprised at how popular jazz is in Japan, and the presenter went through the history of Japan's jazz scene pre- and post-war, and played music of several prominent figures. There was some rush at the end, as the presenter went too long on some tracks and had to skimp at the end. (I'm pretty sure that he, like me, had his eyes closed and was just enjoying the sound.) Fact & Fiction: The Real Events that Have Inspired Our Favorite Anime - I thought it would be about how some things in real life directly inspired certain shows (e.g. Grave of the Fireflies), but it was more on how certain groups were the source for some shows (e.g. Arthurian legend in the Fate franchise). Not what I expected, but still a good panel. Liberty or Death: Code Geass and the American Revolution - The presenters gave a broad-strokes background of World and American history and how the timeline was different in the world of Code Geass. They also compared different characters in the anime to historical figures and how they were similar and how they differed. It was entertaining, but one of the presenters would 'um' a lot while speaking - perhaps another run through of the material would have reduced this. (I will admit this is a pet peeve of mine - the excessive use of 'um', 'like', and 'y'know' while talking. Drives me up a wall.) Lupin III: Fifty Years of Anime - Went into the history of Lupin III and how it has lasted for half a century. The presenters were doing the panel as their characters (Lupin and Jigen), occasionally breaking into the presentation with in-character commentary. I was not a particular fan of this, as it broke the flow. I only caught about 1/2 of this one to get to the next panel. Censorship in Anime: That's Your Cousin?! - Companion piece to Region Locked, they covered anime that's been altered by both the US and Japan. Included such things as strategically placed hair, water that hides body parts, and lighting that hides everything. Another funny panel, highly recommended. Godzilla: Just a Giant Lizard? - Went into the history of the atomic bombing of Japan, its affect on the collective psyche of the nation, and how Gozilla became an allegory for the a-bomb. Then they went into how Godzilla changed in the movies and how the latest Japanese iteration (Shin Godzilla) was a metaphor for the Fukushima disaster. Worth getting up early on Sunday to see this one.
  4. Revan

    Otakon Panel Feedback 2019

    I've finally gotten around to (mostly) deciphering my hastily scibbled notes on the panels I attended. I don't think I've ever considered a panel bad, as the presenters put their time and effort in to provide me entertainment. I do, however, try to list things that I feel affected the panel and try to provide (hopefully) useful suggestions that I feel might help future iterations of these panels. (Those who can't, critique.) Since this is subjective, take them with a grain of salt the size of Gibraltar. (My phone doesn't do apps, so I couldn't go through Guidebook.) Part 1 - Friday The Birth, Death, and Rebirth of the OAV - Covered the origins of the OAV/OVA in the early 80s, their subsequent rise in volume and popularity, eventual fall in the late 90s / early 00s, and 'rebirth' in the form of ONA (Original Net Animation) in recent years. The panel was informative but I feel the presenter was trying too hard to be funny, constantly cracking jokes during the clips shown. Also, he repeated himself several times and didn't time the presentation properly - he had to rush the last parts of the panel due to a lack of time. The panel could use some polish to smooth the presentation and fit the time allotted. Saint Seiya's Masami Kurumada - I believe I saw some of this panel last year, as I remember seeing several slides from this one. The panel itself was well researched and flowed well, but could have been in a smaller room. (It was in Panel Room 1, but there were maybe 40 - 50 people in there at the most.) Not a knock on the panel, just that the space could have been utilized better. The Rising Sun: The History of Imperial Japan - I only caught the last 15 minutes or so of this, but what I did catch was informative. Whose Line is it Anime? - As the line goes, 'Dying is easy, comedy is hard.' It was an interesting idea (audience members improv comedy to clips of various anime), but the execution was lacking due to the nature of improvisation. It might have worked better if the presenters had been involved with the comedy instead of just being judges. (And even then, it was ultimately the audience that decided the winners.) Planes, Trains, and Battleships" A Look at the Leijiverse - Looked into how the various creations of Leiji Matsumoto connect with each other. A fun panel, though I did ask why they mention 'planes' in the title without talking about "The Cockpit". (It turns out they have 2 versions of the panel - a 45 minute version that doesn't include it, and a 60 minute that does. They didn't expect a 60 minute slot.) Richard Epcar's Famous Outtake Panel - I came in expecting a clip show, and that's what it was, but I was laughing the entire time. Worth the wait to get in to the show. Awesomely BAD JMVs - Half the videos had me wondering W...T... actual...F.!?!?, but this was another entertaining, if nonsensical one. Region Locked! Your Guide to Localization - This is another panel I believe I saw last year, covering similar material but this time with harsher language (18+ panel). Still fun watching how they were 'improved' by localization.
  5. Revan

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Since it looks like I can't edit my original post, 2 more Good things for me personally: - I don't seem to be showing any signs of Con Plague. It's too early to say for sure, but usually I feel something right after the con. - I don't have a Safeway card, but if you choose the 'Enter Phone Number' option and use 202-867-5309 (like the song) it will give you the member discount. So I ended up saving a couple of bucks at the store. (I read an article that said the local area code and 867-5309 is likely to be in the system and you can get the discount. I know that it works in several local stores where I'm located.)
  6. Revan

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I will start with the previously mentioned Ugly - the jerks who put that garbage on the Kyo Ani sheets. Among the well wishing and vibes I saw 'Hope is the stepping stone of despair.' (apparently a misquote of something else, but W. T. actual F.!?), 'Anime is for dweebs.', and of course the almost mandatory (male genetalia) picture. (There's got to be an axiom about how the probability of that happening reaches 100% the longer you make it available. Why do people have to do that?) I'm going to mix it up a little, as my Goods had some Bads. (N.B. Most of the bads are subjective rather than objective.) Good - the weather was nice. Bad - However this lead to a lot of walking around on Thursday, and the ankle I sprained years ago kept twinging all weekend. Plus I may have gotten a touch of sunburn. Good - I spent practically all day Saturday and Sunday in panels. Bad - Because of this, I only got to the Dealer's Room once. (Admittedly, I don't get much there to be honest, but there's always the chance I'd spot something.) Good - As always, props to the cosplayers. Always a joy taking their picture. Bad - I didn't get all the ones I wanted due to physical limitations (going opposite directions on the escalator) or the people being busy with their phones. Bad2 - I have to quote a line after seeing some of the more... daring (read skimpy)... costumes on the younger generation of con goers: "You make a happy man feel very old." Good - The bag check from the Mariott was never more than 2-3 minutes. It helped that I was using a shopping bag instead of something with a lot of zippers and pouches. Can't really give a Bad with this, but I'll note that they didn't have an issue w/ outside food and water. (That was the majority of what I brought to the Convention Center.) Good - The hotel - early check in, comfortable beds, no issues with them. Bad - Noisy neighbors on Friday night. They were very loud when I got back to my room a little after midnight. Good - I only missed out on 2 panels (Real life weapons, Weirdest Japanese Commercials), and they weren't a 'Maybe you'll get in here at some point.' These had a long line even after they were full, so I didn't bother. Bad(?) - I don't want to suggest anything, but does that imply that there were less people around? Correlation is not causation and all that, just a random theory that I'd like to see disproved. Random points: I didn't see a printed schedule at the Info booths until Sunday morning. Not that I was looking for one, but I'm pretty sure I would have seen them before that. The 'Otakon figure' booth wasn't there this year. Was that a con prop, or did someone bring it? I was able to get my Krupnikas. Now I can compare it to my Halo Honey Shots. For scientific purposes *cough*. Can't really say it was a 'Bad', but I was under the impression there would be more than just a bag available for anniversary merchandise. (I have enough bags I don't use, so I couldn't justify picking one up.) Overall, I had a lot of fun, and plan to go again in 2020. If I can decipher my scrawled notes, I'll give my impressions on the panels I attended. (My phone is too primitive for the guidebook app, so I can't leave feedback there.) Edited to add: What was the deal with the 'Please do not bring onions into this room.' sign on the Staff room? Allergy, lingering smell, something else? Just curious because that caught my eye.
  7. What are some things you need to get done before the con? I'm sure I don't have everything, but some things on my list are: - Get tickets for the train to 30th Street Station - Keep taking my Cold Eeze, etc. to try and bolster my immune system. (I've had too many cases of Con Plague to want it again.) - Decide on something to read on the train trips. That and a couple of crossword puzzles should do me well. - Get a couple of bottles of water for Thursday. I'm pretty sure the government would rather see me toting a nice, clear plastic bottle instead of my metal one into their museums. - Check to see if a DC liquor store has restocked a particular spiced honey liqueur. (It's Murphy's Law - on Friday, the stock was 4 bottles, on Monday, they were sold out.) I want to pick it up to compare with another one I've recently purchased. For science. I'm sure that's not everything. Maybe I'll remember more after work.
  8. Revan

    Weather forecast for Otakon

    Looks like the numbers are slightly lower, both the link above and [url=https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=38.8904&lon=-77.032] the National Weather Service[/url] have the forecast as mostly sunny in the high 80s with no mention of rain. Again it's the weather, so they should be taken with a grain of salt and pack an umbrella to be sure. (Don't know why the url link code isn't working.)
  9. Revan

    Badge Mailing?

    Found mine in my mailbox when I got home today. I really like the picture on the badge - very festive. Gotta be honest, I was sore tempted to add, "It was worth the extra cost to get the 'Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Badge', but you had to prove you've been to every Otakon to get it." It's one of those things that's probably much funnier in my head than on the boards, and it would probably cause more trouble than it's worth.
  10. Revan

    Schedule is Out!

    Dear Otakon, There are too many things to see at Otakon, and I won't be able to attend everything. Please eliminate 3. I am not a crackpot. (Don't know how to put the video directly in the post.) Seriously, there are a lot of different things that I'd like to see, the hard part now is what to miss in order to actually be able to get to the Dealers Room / walk through Artists Alley / resupply at my hotel room / have a meal. I've got a 2 hour gap in the early afternoon Friday & Saturday, I need to find one in the evenings. Of course, this is all dependent on the final schedule. But still, it's a nice dilemma to have.
  11. Revan

    Weather forecast for Otakon

    A July forecast for DC has the following predictions: Thurdsay - Sun and some clouds, High 92 / Low 72 Friday - Mostly sunny - 92 / 73 Saturday - A P.M. shower or thunderstorm - 91 / 73 Sunday - A morning t-storm; some sun 87 / 72 (part of me wants to convert this to Celsius out of habit at my job) As always, keep in mind that we're still 3 weeks out, and with weather forecasting - like baseball - you can miss 2 out of 3 times and still be considered good at it. But it looks like a good weekend, if hot. (Then again, it's DC in July.)
  12. Revan

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    As of this morning, I didn't have a tracking number. When I got home from work today, the badges I ordered were in the mail. I just checked, and there is now a confirmation number in my membership.