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  1. Your mom is 'irrational and stubborn'? Sounds just like my parents - probably all parents, when it comes to their kids. (It's almost like they're not doing their jobs if they aren't a pain in the @$$. 🙂 ) While admittedly, you can use all the logic in the world in your arguments, but some people won't be shifted in their opinions. The only approach I can suggest is that unless you're going to be locked up at home for the rest of your days*, that you will be in a large group of people in a confined space at some point in the future - Sporting event, concert, public transit, movie, etc. -
  2. Don't know about an email, but the relevant info might be this (again, Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/Otakon/
  3. My 2 weeks post 2nd shot just happened this past Saturday, so I'm good to go. (My friends and I are actually meeting physically for the first time in forever this week.) I have the card, but they recommended keeping a picture of it on your camera in case it's needed. Likewise, I haven't been out of state since before the lockdown started. (This shocked the heck out of me when I actually realized it.) I've been waiting on getting Amtrak tickets until go / no go is official. Good news is that the Acela is the same price now as coach tickets were normally. (Non-refundable, though.) A
  4. For those who didn't see it, the Otakon home page was slightly different yesterday, April 1. Though I'm statistically unlikely to be around then (I'd be 126), I would love it if Otakon does make to to 2097. I'm still hoping for this year's con, fingers crossed.
  5. Here's a potential good sign: Gen Con is postponing their date for a month, but it's still set to go on this year. They plan to have: Smaller attendance numbers to comply with public health mandates and enable safer-attendance procedures. Potential combinations of social distancing, mask wearing, and vaccination requirements as determined by public health guidelines. I wonder how they plan to pull off the latter, especially in areas like the Dealers Room. Here's hoping we have an Otakon this year. (I could really use the vacation.)
  6. I just remembered another one, and he should have been at the top of the list. I worked* with someone who used to go to Otakon, but he and his wife made the decision to go with Zenkaikon over Otakon when cutting back on expenses. (I remember one of the last years in Baltimore I heard him talking outside of Video 2 on Friday morning. I asked him about it the week after and he said that was him.) *He's still with the company, but I haven't seen him since the corporate part of our business moved to another location over a year ago. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.
  7. I met my 2nd one yesterday when I went to renew my AAA membership. As he was scanning a DC guidebook I picked up, I commented how I was hoping that the con would be on this year. He asked which one, and when I said Otakon, he replied, "The one in Baltimore? I've been to it a few times." (Obviously not recently, as he didn't know about the move do DC.) The other person who attended worked at a grocery store I frequent. She saw my Otakon shirt and asked if I was going, and we talked for a few minutes about the con while she rang out my groceries. I haven't seen her at the store for a whi
  8. Just paid off my credit card, and made a donation to Otakon. I don't know how it exactly works, but maybe explore Go Fund Me? They do work with 501.c.3 organizations. Heck, I just saw one up there for saving some bars and restaurants in Baltimore while I was looking at the site.
  9. I'm of 2 minds about changing the location and/or venue of Otakon. On location: Pro - Being closer to Philadelphia than DC would an easier commute and I wouldn't be dependent on SEPTA and AMTRAK being on time. (In 2018 the train to DC was delayed by 2 1/2 hours due to an incident between NY and Philly.) Con - I really like going around DC because I'd never really spent time down there with except for a class trip back in 84. My brother & I hit 3 of the Smithsonians in the 3 years we've gone down there. On change of venue: Pro - It would be a lot cheaper than the WEWCC. Con - Havi
  10. Thanks for that! I'll have to kick in when I get my latest credit card payment done - without Otakon, I wouldn't have a reason to take vacation from work. (I'm only half joking about this. People who know me would vouch for that.) I don't know how feasible it could be, but could a type of... monthly payment... be worked out for donations? I know a lot of people would find it easier to pay, say, $8.50 a month for a year than $100 at one time. I hear them talk about it when I'm listening to the public radio jazz / classical station on the drive in to work.
  11. When did this email go out? I haven't seen anything in my Inbox or Spam folder from Otakon in a while. Any chance of a copypasta?
  12. Re: Otakon this year For those projecting doom about Otakon this year, all I'll say is to follow Mets / Phillies pitcher Tug McGraw's catchphrase: (What can I say, I loved the 1980 Phillies.)
  13. Man, I was idly wondering about Harborplace a month ago. That video is depressing. So much different from when I first went there. 😢
  14. For the record, this is the T-shirt in question: As I've said before on this forum, it's my favorite shirt I never wear.
  15. I have all the shirts, though some are retired due to age and/or condition. (My 2017 shirt for some reason has a bunch of small holes in it, and I know I didn't get acid on it at work.) I still have the old Otakon shoulder(?) bag. Though mine is unique because the zipper on it is upside down. I also have several of the early pins (One of the earliest ones - the one w/ the bunny girl that reminds me of the Daicon IV opening, is darker than I originally recall. Whether that's 'patina', age, or just how it originally looked I can't recall.), and the 3 postcards they put out when Otakon had
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