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  1. I think 50% is too high - that would price the stuff I bought last year ~$22. Even with a 'captive' audience I don't think they could get away with that high a price jump. As for things to bring, stuff I personally bring that hasn't been mentioned: - tea bags (cold brewed): I put it in my water bottle while I'm walking around the con. I'm not a coffee drinker, and want a medium for caffeine delivery. - Cold-eeze / immune boosters: I haven't caught the con plague in years, haven't had a cold since before the lockdown, and don't intend to get anything this year. - something t
  2. And, as predicted, badge activation is live. Just got mine done, though I don't recall needing the transaction ID previously... My badge would be considered a lucky one in certain cultures - it has five 8s in it. Maybe I can get a lottery ticket that weekend. As for entrances, I know I can use the Marriott one, I'm just not sure if the time it takes to get over there isn't cancelled out by time waiting at the main entrance line. Time will tell. Also, the '2 Entrances' bit I posted was from the mini-map they sent w/ the badges. The reason I wasn't sure if this was done last year was a) I w
  3. Just got mine in the mail today, though the activation page is currently closed. I do think the sentai team is cute - I wonder who maps to which role in the 'Five Man Band'. (Warning - TV Tropes link. Use at your own risk. 😆) Did they do the 2 different entrances to the WEWCC (bags / props and no bags / props) previously? I've been lucky to get the Mariiott before, so I never really take the main doors. This year I may have to, as I'm staying at the Hampton Inn. I am curious if the '30 Year Exhibition' will replace the Ota Museum this year. I donated a bunch of different things ov
  4. Not surprised to hear about the demise of the boards, but apparently joining Discord isn't an option for me. My timeline is as follows. based on my (now Trashed) email titles: 6/14/24 0803PM - Verify email address for Discord 6/14/24 0803PM - Welcome to Discord! 6/14/24 0803PM - Discord account disabled for suspicious activity 6/14/24 0807PM - Password reset request for Discord 6/14/24 0808PM - Discord password changed 6/14/24 0810PM - Account disabled - Violation of TOS Somehow, without even looking at a single thing on there beyond the opening screen, I vio
  5. I was just going through some of my old Otakon pix, and as I was looking at some of the ones taken on the outdoor terrace at the BCC it made me realize how much I missed it. There's no real spot in the WEWCC to just go outside and take pictures of cosplayers, or even just spend a few minutes enjoying the weather while still staying inside the convention center. With that in mind, I started to think about other things that I liked when Otakon was in Baltimore - places to go, things to do, etc. A short list off the top of my head (in no particular order): - The aforementioned terraces
  6. The biggest 'advantage' to the hotel garage at the Baltimore Hyatt was that they could add the parking bill to your hotel bill. It made it easier (for me) to track the totals for splitting the bill. I have to admit I'm a little surprised that it's only $50 / night for the Marriott - that's how much the Hyatt charged, and that was 8 years ago. (Has it really been that long? Time flies...) The minute I heard Otakon was moving to DC, I told my brother: We're switching to Amtrak. I figured the cost of the tickets versus the cost of gas & parking makes it at worst a push - if I were to
  7. I think it's a fine idea, but back in (...checks old forum posts...) 2019 they had a set of large sheets on the plateau in front of video games area where people were encouraged to write positive messages for... something. (My post said it was Kyo Ani?, though I don't recall what it was about.) Back to my point: despite the good intentions, there were the inevitable jackass messages written on there, along with pictures that reflect this juvenile mindset. (I swear the odds of that happening reach 100% the more people are involved, no matter what the circumstances.) One of the spots in tha
  8. Another thing to watch out for is that some cards lose value if they're not used for a certain period of time. I picked up a few from my credit union (the activation fees were slightly cheaper than one from a store) for a vacation in the southwest and they had a rule that if you didn't use them for 12 months straight they lost some of their value. (Good thing I did bring them, as the Desert Botanical Garden didn't take cash for admission.) I don't know if I've seen a gift card with a chip, but I haven't really looked for them either. I started taking them along after a trip to Citizens Ba
  9. I just got home and tried, and it worked no problem. Maybe because they already had my info? Didn't get the cheaper membership, but $5 ain't gonna break the bank (though with the holidays coming up...). It's nice to get free shipping for badges. I paid / opted for mailing since the option became available. (Don't know how many of us were stuck in this debacle in... 2014(?) Funny grognard story, to lighten the mood. My original Otakon ID is under 2000. (It worked the last time I tried it.) One year in Baltimore when they still did on-site only, I handed my printout to the person behin
  10. I'd say the merchandise selection being lower is because shopping online has become more prevalent over the years, especially with the lockdown in the past few years. Then again, I've seen anime T-shirts at department stores, the local Barnes & Noble has a section for manga that's the same size, if not larger, than their science fiction section, and there's stuff like Pokemon merchandise in grocery stores and places like Target. There is still stuff out there, but it's not as concentrated in big displays in stores as much as little things here and there. (I was just at a gem show over the
  11. * Well, not really. I just have Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in mind. In honor of Otakon 30, here's the message on the opening page from the original Otakon 1994 program guide. * History lesson: The original Stormtroopers, led the vanguard of assaults in the latter years of World War I. Juuuuust a bit bombastic, don't you think? 😀 Though I'd say that we're definitely much more in the Happy Lands nowadays than back then. Congrats on 30, Otakon! See you in July for our 30th anniversary!
  12. Good: - As previously mentioned lines weren't bad, and getting in through the Marriott entrance was a breeze. (I started going more 'bare bones' in the past few years - my phone, camera, a water bottle (w/ cold brew tea), a snack or two in the pockets, pen and paper.) - I got into most of the panels that I wanted to see, and with few criticisms enjoyed myself at them. - I love my new camera, and I'm almost positive I took a record number of pix this year. (Special note - Thanks to all the attendees who braved the DC heat to come in costume! You're braver than I'll ever be.)
  13. When i write these, I try not to ding the presentations as they are contributing more than I am to the con. I wish I could find the paper where I had some notes, but it's somewhere in the vacation stuff I haven't sorted yet. That being said... Anime Reboots, Understanding the Brotherhood Effect - Looked at reasons why series are being rebooted years, even decades after the original run, for better and for worse. Some of them being the same reasons why Hollywood keeps constantly bringing back properties. Demon Slayer Traditions: Exploring the translation of traditional art and music i
  14. I just noticed that you can view the schedule (sans the Video room schedules) from the main page. I did my usual thing of making a list of panels that could be of interest to me, with alternates in case the room is full. Now I just have to figure out the gaps to go to the dealers room and artists alley, as well as returning to my hotel room to restock my supplies. (Usually this is related to which session of the AMV contest I attend.) So many panels, so little time... Notes: I noticed there's not RWBY photoshoot this year - not enough people? Did they go the way of most fandoms and s
  15. It's funny, because not an hour ago I was just telling someone how they should be going out soon. It's interesting how they don't have any mascots on this year's badge - just thematic and location appropriate imagery. Also interesting is that's a hole for the lanyard this year, not a slot. (Though this does allow me to put it on my Otakon Influencer lanyard I got when I ordered some stuff during the Otakon sale in...November? December? Edit: For some reason, the activation page doesn't want to recognize my badge numbers. I guess I'll try again in a couple of days and see what ha
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