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  1. This series is free this month on Amazon Prime video:


    A series of lectures on places to visit in DC, if you have time before or after the con. I go in a day early, so this is good to see what's around. (I've hit several of the Smithsonians, the National Gallery, and the National Mall in the past few years.) It's from 2019, so the information on how to get in may have changed since then, but it could be a good source of inspiration for sightseeing.

  2. I don't know if this technically belongs here, as the forum header says 'Serious discussion'. Close enough for government work, I suppose.

    What for years had only existed as a promo video with bad sound has been found, apparently in the Library of Congress of all places. It definitely was a thing. What that thing is, I'm not quite sure.

    Pilot episode (Watch at your own risk. Though it can't be as bad as Spaceballs the Animated Series. I had a friend yell at me when he watched that, despite my warnings.)

    Immediate takeaways (don't know if I want to watch a 2nd time:

    - I'm wondering what the director was thinking, "Don't show any emotion, no matter what."
    - Was the princess' name Sailor Moon? The narrator seems to think so.
    - They did have the designs of several of the 7 Great Youma from season 1, though the 'You can't kill the baddies' in American cartoons of the time is still in play.
    - The 'tap him on the shoulder and slug him' gave me a chuckle.
    - "To the vortex, and beyond oblivion!" totally ripped off by Toy Story.
    - Tuxedo Kamen was even less of a character here. Practically a 'Sir Not Appearing in this Film.
    - Was the attack on Jupiter in real time, or a memory? They went from fighting to class in a dissolve.

    Finding Saban Moon: The Western World of Sailor Moon (part 2) The story of its discovery, though I haven't watched it, as the video is 2+ hours long, and I just found out about this a half-hour ago.


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  3. I was curious about this myself, but wasn't sure about broaching the subject. I've read that Gencon, with ~50K attendees and a similar masking / vaccine policy, had reports of people getting Covid at the con. One speculation for this is because Indiana's vaccine rate was in the 50s while DC is up around 80%, and people actually caught it outside the con while attending. I can't say whether that's true, but it does sound plausible.

    I haven't had any symptoms, and I tested negative twice a week after the con. I stayed masked whenever I was outside my hotel room - Septa, 30th Street Station, Amtrak, Metro, Smithsonian, National Gallery, Marquis lobby, WEWCC - with a few exceptions when outside and sufficiently distant from anyone else.

  4. 5 hours ago, .taro. said:

    Did anyone take advantage of the badge pickups stations for those who stayed at the Marquis or Renaissance?  How was the process for you?


    I was at the Marriott Marquis, and it was fairly painless. I went down the 2 escalators, showed them my vaccination card, my driver's license, and my badge (I get it mailed.) and got the band. Took only a few minutes including the escalators. The only downside was they didn't have the 18+ bands there, and when I asked the person about it they said they should have thought to bring some to this station.

    Edited to add: This was at about 4 on Thursday.

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  5. Long post, as I tend to go to panels almost exclusively at Otakon anymore. I think I've got all the ones I hit. (I lost the paper I was using for my schedule and notes, and I've been really busy at work lately.)

    Dubs vs Subs -The presenter was good, and the presentation about how Japanese and Western theater influenced their  acting styles. (Like Japanese Noh encourages broad, exaggerated performance and Western acting tends toward a smaller, closer style because the camera focuses in on the actor.)
    However, it seems to me that a fundamental point was missed. Per the description: "How did this fight come to be in the first place? And why?" The presenter missed an (IMO)  fundamental point about the whole issue - In the early days of anime distribution (circa 1990), a lot of the early dubs just plain sucked, and this kept a lot of people firmly in the subtitle camp until the dubbing improved.
    Japanese commercials to make you laugh, cry, and think - I've been to this type of panel before, but I never saw the 'Long, Long Man' series before, which were hilarious. Fun stuff.
    Yakuza: Fact vs Fiction - As noted above, 1st half good, 2nd half not so much.
    Anime in 1992 - Always a good panel to remind me of those older shows. A lot of landmark anime came out that year, and I remember watching a lot of them when they did. Man, I'm old.
    Awesomely Bad JMVs - Another panel I've attended previously, and I still love them.
    Anime Food -This panel was about foods that are commonly shown in anime (e.g. onigiri). The presenter talked about them, then brought up videos on how to make them and her experience trying to make the foods. A lot of audience interaction and a lot of laughs.
    Now What? - I've heard of some reasons certain series stopped being made, but some of these were real doozies.
    Craziest Japanese commercials - There was a certain amount of overlap with the other panel, but still entertaining. Oddly this one was in the AMV theater while the other one was in a panel room.
    J Music Room - I only sat through part of this panel, more to hear examples of the music and maybe listen to more of it later . Not sure if JPop is my thing, but the music was decent enough.
    The tea is greener in Japan - I was at a panel of their in Baltimore, so I wanted to update my knowledge about the subject. I feel that panels like this are like cooking shows - I may not ever use the information, but I do enjoy watching it.
    A history of phantom thieves - The presenters did their research, as their history included characters I always thought of as kind of obscure (e.g. Fantomas). The only thing I would ding them on was that one presenter tended to rely heavily on the expression 'Like, you know.' when going off script.
    A century of Japanese stop motion - This was a really pleasant surprise, as I learned things that I never knew. (e.g. A Japanese studio was involved with the Rankin Bass holiday animations made decades ago.) I enjoyed this one a lot.
    Sword lesbians in anime - Presented by the same people as the phantom thieves panel, and my comment above still applies. They again did their homework, with a history of an all women's theatre and its influence on creators and anime (e.g. Sailors Neptune and Uranus visually exemplify the archetypes of the 'female lead' and 'male lead' of that theatre respectively.), and how the trope has split into different subtypes over the years. Entertaining and informative.
    Anime cinema crash course: the return - I was at this panel before. It's still more of a clip show, but it's an entertaining clip show.
    Fan parodies - I bailed on this after about 20-30 minutes. Only one video really made me laugh (the Pokemon / Jojo mixup)- maybe it's because I'm older.
    Sarcastic history of video game consoles - I laughed a lot, but the presenter had the (IMO) annoying habit of saying 'You're late, but I'll mark you as attending.' every time someone walked in on the panel.
    1994 video contest - Amusingly (at least to me), the presenter from the previous panel came in late to this one, so I whispered to him 'You're late, but I'll mark you as attending.' I didn't remember most of these videos from waaaay back in the day, but the Fields of Gold / Every Little Thing are 2 of my favorites. IIRC another couple of my favs are in the 1995 contest - Nadia to Captain Nemo by Sarah Brightman, and Devilman to Self Control by Laura Branigan.
    N.B. There was a panel about drawing and music that I came in a little late on, but I can't remember the name of it. I liked the music, but drawing is not my forte. If anyone went to it, how did you get the drawing materials? Just curious.

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  6. On 8/4/2022 at 4:29 PM, Michael said:

     Many non-Otakon guests who must of thought we were crazy.


    Waaaaaay back in 1995 or 96, I was AnimEast in New Brunswick. The hotel was hosting the con as well as a wedding on that Saturday of that weekend. The reactions of people looking at the cosplayers was... unique, especially (if I'm remembering this correctly, it's been 25+ years) someone who was playing as Little Red Riding Hood's Wolf dressed as Grandma, but with something bursting out of the chest or stomach. I think it was one of those moments where everyone in the wedding party pulled the 'We'll wait for the other car.'

    Then there were the early years at the BCC when Otakon only used half the building and there were other events going on at the same time. The one year there was a... congregational convention?... I just remember a lot of dour people in suits giving disapproving looks to the attendees.

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  7. 20 hours ago, windseeker said:

    There are two large grocery stores nearby (Giant and Safeway) and some smaller convinience stores.

    As of last year you could enter the phone number 202-867-5309 to get the club card discount at Safeway. It may work for Giant as well, because using the local area code plus the Jenny phone number works for a number of stores in my area.

    As for things to bring, a couple I haven't seen mentioned:

    - hand sanitizer (you never know)

    - utensils (for those of us who buy food from Safeway, etc.)

    A couple that are more for me:

    - canvas shopping bags (it is less wasteful, DC charges for plastic bags, and it's really easy to go through a bag check when you just have to hold it open)

    - tea (Cold brew bags that I can drop in my water bottle and let sit in there for a while. I don't drink coffee, and I need something for a caffeine hit.)

    - pen & paper (I like to make notes at the various panels I attend, and just in case I need to leave my brother a message.)

    - earphones (To my knowledge, SEPTA and Amtrak both have quiet cars, and I'm sure not everyone would appreciate my music choices, Philistines that they might be.)

    - a book (I need something to do while I'm on the train or waiting in line, and I like to read. The question is which one: should I continue my current book (I, Claudius) or the RPG I picked up for s***ts and giggles? (The Spawn of Fashan - old school grognards will know about that one.)

    - cold-eze (Ever since I started taking cold-eze and immune boosters, I having gotten even a whiff of con plague. Especially relevant nowadays.)


  8. Follow up related to Wild Bills: I bought some items from them during Otakon online 2020 and now have a couple of their coupons for all day refills. Do staff members get free soda as a perqusite, or do they have to pay it? I'm more than willing to drop the coupons off at the Otakon booth in the Dealers Room (or somewhere else) for someone on the staff to use if they want. The 32 oz mug I bought is more soda than I'll drink in an entire weekend, much less filling it multiple times, so I'm never going to use these coupons.

  9. Got mine yesterday as well. I like holograph(?) effect as you move the badge - the mascots go from normal appearance to more of an... isekai(?) look. (One dresses in a fuku with a Crabby topped wand. Who's the blond character on the badge? I don't recall seeing that one before.

    I also like how you have the hours* listed for the Convention Center as a whole, Dealer's Hall, Artist Alley, and Gaming Hall. I still wouldn't bet against multiple people asking what time the Dealer's Hall closes on Saturday.

    * Interesting that the WEWCC will close at 1:30 AM Friday and Saturday. I guess the overnight cleaning may not be as stringent as last year when they closed at midnight. Also interesting is that Artist's Alley closes at 10 on Friday and 9 on Saturday. To the best of my recollection they were open pretty much all night previously, but then again I'm sure the artists would like to have time to do things besides sit there with their wares.

  10. I'm hoping they do a wristband pickup on Thursday. I could swear that I picked up an 18+ band on a Thursday down in DC previously (obviously not 2021). I've been getting badges mailed since Baltimore*, so I know it wasn't just picking one of those up.

    Then again, if I could get both wristbands on Thursday, that'd be even better.


    * Less habit and tradition than convenience of not having to wait in the pre-reg line. Though if I have to wait in line for all this on Friday, then I threw my money away.

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  11. I expect the mask policy* to be better enforced than at Too Many Games last weekend. It said on the website that masks were mandatory, but there were a good 30% of the attendees sans masks.

    * As long as you have the same people who did it last year, I have no doubts that Otakon will do a better job than TMG. I have 2 incidents from 2021: 1 I witnessed, 1 anecdotal. A) One staffer stopped a panel when the panelist went down into the audience after he left his mask on the stage. She gave him the option of putting a mask on or going back onto the stage. He did the rest of the panel while wearing a mask. B) I was told that a guest last year was escorted back to their room to get a mask.

    I would like to know about the proof of vaccination process for those of us who are getting badges mailed.

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  12. On 4/14/2022 at 8:08 AM, KyoKyo said:

    Anime conventions seem to be the outliers.

    Not necessarily.

    From their site (bolding mine):

    Currently, verification of vaccination or proof of negative test are not required for admission to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center or Anime Central...

    In our recent vaccine and mask policy change announcement, we stated that face coverings may be required in some areas of Anime Central or at the request of our guests of honor at their events...We strongly recommend wearing masks in all lobbies, hallways, public spaces, and restrooms.


    An attendee of Colorado Anime Fest said they were given a wristband when at badge pickup when they showed proof of vaccination. If Otakon goes that way, I wonder how that would work for those of us who went with mailed badges. (Conversely, I'd love to be able to pick up the vaccine verification and an 18+ badge on Thursday, so I wouldn't have to stand in line on Friday.)

  13. When I got my first shot, they recommended keeping a picture of the card on my phone. Been updating the pic w/ the subsequent shots. I've never had a issue when showing that to people. Though while I can understand the precaution of being vaccinated, I'll say this will slow down entry into the WEWCC even more, especially in the first rush when it opens.

    I'm curious if they're going to close down the convention center early this year for cleaning. Not that I'm complaining, a midnight close worked for me - I'm no longer a young man, and I need my sleep.

  14. I've been getting badges mailed since it became an option (2013? - the year after the computer snafu on Thursday down in Baltimore), and shipping has always been charged. I figure it's not that big a cost to eat to avoid standing in line for my badge. Now if there were an option to get an 18+ band that way... but I know you have to have proof to get one. (Though it is amusing that I have to show ID that I'm over 18 - I have badges that qualify for that band.)

  15. 9 hours ago, Marajsky said:

    What happened to the mailed badges? My husband just doing registration and there was no option for mailing badges, just a QR Code?

    Can't rightly say where it is, but there should be an option in there somewhere. I've picked mailing ever since it became an option, and my pdf copy of the tickets includes a shipping fee and the message "Badges are mailed roughly 2-3 weeks before OTAKON."

  16. Re: standees - I believe there was also a female Ranma standee as well. (She was sitting crosslegged w/ a hand on her chin while wearing a blue... pantsuit(? - don't know the name of them) IIRC.)

    I can sorta-kinda remember parts of the hotel - going to different rooms to watch videos, the art room, etc - but I'll never forget the 'Dealer's Closet'. That room was so small and so packed full of people for, what, 4 dealers? My back ached all weekend after standing there in a bad position, holding CDs up over my shoulder so my brother could see them.

    Still, it was the one that started it all, so I'll pour a shot of something into my tea tonight in memoriam. There are less than 1000 people who can say they were there at the start, so we are a pretty exclusive club. I don't have any pictures from then, as I didn't pack a camera for the first couple of years. Only cosplayer I can really recall was (again IIRC) a guy who was dressed as Shampoo.

  17. 16 hours ago, Clutch said:

     I don't know the median age of the convention attendees

    Going by the fact that, like me, you've been going since 1994, I'd say we're both on the far end of a bell curve of attendee ages. (To put it in D&D terms, we're in the 16-18 range on the 3d6 scale. 😀)


    My GBU is partially the con, partially the trip to DC itself.

    [/u]The Good:[/u]


    - I got to attend a lot of panels, only missing a few that I'd wanted to see. And I still haven't missed the AMV contest.

    - The weather held on Thursday and Sunday - the important travel (and touring) days.

    - There were only a few times I got dinged with lines.

    - So far, I haven't had a cough or a sniffle nor a sneeze for the entire time.

    The Bad:

    - The mask must have dug a groove into the back of my ears from wearing it so long.

    - Between the day of walking and the decision to just get takeout, I didn't get to Daikaya Ramen. Though Ghost Burger was a decent alternative.

    - I wasn't able to get a cardboard mailing tube for the prints I bought. The stores didn't carry them, and I didn't have the time Saturday to check the Fedex store. I was able to get them home without wrinkling them, but I would have preferred something more secure. (There's an idea - if the con could pick up some and sell them down in AA for a couple of bucks. I'd bet they'd make up the costs on them.)

    The Ugly

    - Covid, of course. There were a couple of people who attended who apparently didn't understand that you should cover your mouth even if you're wearing a mask.

    - Ginger turmeric carrot juice probiotic drink. I picked it up at Safeway to keep up the immune boosting, but it was nasty. 🤢

    - I heard the 'party' going on at the Marriott. Fortunately, I can fall asleep quickly when I'm tired, in spite of the noise.

  18. Keeping in mind that 1 incident does not = across the board enforcement, but one of the staffers called out a presenter at a panel Saturday night. At the 'You're Wrong, and You Should Feel Bad' panel, the presenter (Panda(?) from Many Battleships) moved from up on the dais to walking in front of the front row. (Much like how some stand-up comedians pace back and forth in front of the audience while on stage.) At one point a staffer interrupted and told him if he was going to be that close, he'd have to wear the mask - presenting on stage was enough distance, but right up front wasn't. He complied, and the panel continued. So, kudos to that staffer.

    Also, there were at least 2 panels (or 1 panel and the AMV contest, I can't recall exactly) where a staffer specifically talked about attendees wearing a mask while in the convention.

  19. 1 hour ago, sjmorgan said:

    DC is reinstating the mask mandate. I guess people will be wearing masks at the businesses around the convention center. 

    That really doesn't bother me, as I still wear a mask while going shopping even though I was vaccinated almost 3 months ago.

    I tried Nando's once - it's decent enough, I suppose. I do like their Garlic Peri Peri sauce.

  20. 1 minute ago, KyoKyo said:

    Great thanks. I was trying to bring some breakfast food since I don't feel like paying a ton of money for overpriced bagels and coffee. Guess it's Greek yogurt and granola in the morning XD

    I don't know how you feel about plain coffee, but they do have a coffeemaker in the room, along with a couple of teabags (English Breakfast and... Chamomile?). You can always hit the Safeway and grab some bagels there. I usually end up bringing a box of cereal and getting the milk at the store.  (Though yogurt and granola for breakfast does sound good. 🙂 )

    Speaking of Safeway, as of 2019 if you entered the phone number 202-867-5309 (yes, the number from the song Jenny) at the register you should be able to get the club card discount. (I read an article years ago about that, and entering the local area code and 867-5309 has worked in around a half dozen grocery chains.)

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  21. I was lucky enough to get the MM twice in DC, but they didn't have a microwave in the room in either year. (The Hampton Inn did in 2018, IIRC.) You can always ask if they can supply one, though I don't know where they would put it if I'm remembering the room configuration correctly.

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