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  1. I booked at the Renaissance early in the morning (partially as a fallback, partially to get my data into the system) because the Embassy didn't have 2 x double beds available. Imagine my disappointment when noon rolled around and the hotel list hadn't changed, and only half the hotels listed on the page were there. After about 10 minutes of reloading the page, I quit. I'll check in every so often just to see, but I'm not pinning my hopes on getting a hotel I wanted. What happened to the Marriott Marquis, Hampton Inn, etc.? Were they snapped up last week when the early announcement was mad
  2. I just got an email from experient about booking being open, and it looks like the following are available: -Marriott Metro Center -Renaissance -Moxy -Embassy Suites -Comfort Inn -Cambria Suites -Capitol Hilton -Comfort Inn Convention Center -Melrose A pre-pre registration? Given those options, I'll wait until Monday and see.
  3. I don't know if the '1 person / elevator' would be feasible in the long term. To compare, the Four Seasons Manhattan (from the article) has 368 rooms versus the 1175 at the Marriott Marquis in DC, so unless they speed up elevators or add more there's no way you could have someone get to their room in a reasonable length of time if it's limited to 1. Limiting it to 'One room's worth of guests / elevator' would be better, but still not good. (Having stayed in the Marriott for the con, getting to my room in a reasonable time with elevators filled to capacity is sometimes sketchy, depending on the
  4. On the one hand, it's disappointing that it had to happen. On the other hand, it's good that this particular Sword of Damocles is no longer hanging over our collective heads. That being said, will there be any way to pick up Otakon 2020 merchandise (I'm presuming it's already been made.), or a way to kick in to support the con? Since I'm not getting hit with a hotel bill or Amtrak ticket, I have a couple hundred dollars available to spend.
  5. I mentioned this in another forum, and apparently there's already 2 names for them: - 'Coronials' - and in 14 years (factoring in the 9 months), 'Quaranteens'
  6. Pish tosh, another acceptable form is from Zman Games:
  7. I think part of the onus (there's your nickel word for the day) is on the attendee, with the focus on hygiene and health. The old Otakon handout had some of the following 'recommendations' (I don't remember full details, just the generalities.): - Get a good night's sleep - Eat at least one good meal a day - Shower I would add one that I've been guilty of: Go out for some fresh air. Last year on Saturday I went from around 8 AM to 6 PM without leaving the convention center and/or the hotel. (I got the Mariott, so I never had to leave.) I also have been taking things li
  8. Way back in 2013, the lower floor was so crowded that it took me a good 10 minutes to get from Video 1 to the escalators - a distance of, what, 300 feet? It looked a little like the picture attached. That's not the first time something like that happened in Baltimore, but that was my worst experience. I've never had that issue in the 3 years in DC.
  9. Looks like I'll find out about this promo, as I got the Marriott! That application error at noon had me refreshing the page every time it got done loading. Had a bear of a time getting the reservation, as it didn't take the +1 guest data when I first entered it, and then had my brother's email as my contact initially. Then the Confirmation button wouldn't work, so I was really worried at first, but then everything went through. Anyone know how fast the Marriott sold out? by the time I was done, it was off the hotel list.
  10. This bit caught my eye: The Marriott is my preferred choice due to convenience, but this extra stuff makes me want to book there even more to satisfy my curiosity about these perks. (Or is it perqs?)
  11. Part 2 - Saturday (and Sunday) Missing the Ma[rk]doka: 'Dark' Magical Girls Post-2011 - This panel explored how magical girl shows have always had a 'dark' side, and how more recent shows tend towards violence & body horror and away from sacrifice and the chance of redemption. A good panel, but short (35 minutes long). New Anime for Older Fans - I went to this directly from the above panel, as it fills up quickly - there were a lot of repeat attendees, myself included. I probably won't get the chance to see their picks, but I'm always curious to see what's recommended. Didn't cat
  12. I've finally gotten around to (mostly) deciphering my hastily scibbled notes on the panels I attended. I don't think I've ever considered a panel bad, as the presenters put their time and effort in to provide me entertainment. I do, however, try to list things that I feel affected the panel and try to provide (hopefully) useful suggestions that I feel might help future iterations of these panels. (Those who can't, critique.) Since this is subjective, take them with a grain of salt the size of Gibraltar. (My phone doesn't do apps, so I couldn't go through Guidebook.) Part 1 - Friday
  13. Since it looks like I can't edit my original post, 2 more Good things for me personally: - I don't seem to be showing any signs of Con Plague. It's too early to say for sure, but usually I feel something right after the con. - I don't have a Safeway card, but if you choose the 'Enter Phone Number' option and use 202-867-5309 (like the song) it will give you the member discount. So I ended up saving a couple of bucks at the store. (I read an article that said the local area code and 867-5309 is likely to be in the system and you can get the discount. I know that it works in several lo
  14. I will start with the previously mentioned Ugly - the jerks who put that garbage on the Kyo Ani sheets. Among the well wishing and vibes I saw 'Hope is the stepping stone of despair.' (apparently a misquote of something else, but W. T. actual F.!?), 'Anime is for dweebs.', and of course the almost mandatory (male genetalia) picture. (There's got to be an axiom about how the probability of that happening reaches 100% the longer you make it available. Why do people have to do that?) I'm going to mix it up a little, as my Goods had some Bads. (N.B. Most of the bads are subjective rather than
  15. What are some things you need to get done before the con? I'm sure I don't have everything, but some things on my list are: - Get tickets for the train to 30th Street Station - Keep taking my Cold Eeze, etc. to try and bolster my immune system. (I've had too many cases of Con Plague to want it again.) - Decide on something to read on the train trips. That and a couple of crossword puzzles should do me well. - Get a couple of bottles of water for Thursday. I'm pretty sure the government would rather see me toting a nice, clear plastic bottle instead of my metal one into their museums.
  16. Looks like the numbers are slightly lower, both the link above and [url=https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=38.8904&lon=-77.032] the National Weather Service[/url] have the forecast as mostly sunny in the high 80s with no mention of rain. Again it's the weather, so they should be taken with a grain of salt and pack an umbrella to be sure. (Don't know why the url link code isn't working.)
  17. Found mine in my mailbox when I got home today. I really like the picture on the badge - very festive. Gotta be honest, I was sore tempted to add, "It was worth the extra cost to get the 'Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Badge', but you had to prove you've been to every Otakon to get it." It's one of those things that's probably much funnier in my head than on the boards, and it would probably cause more trouble than it's worth.
  18. Dear Otakon, There are too many things to see at Otakon, and I won't be able to attend everything. Please eliminate 3. I am not a crackpot. (Don't know how to put the video directly in the post.) Seriously, there are a lot of different things that I'd like to see, the hard part now is what to miss in order to actually be able to get to the Dealers Room / walk through Artists Alley / resupply at my hotel room / have a meal. I've got a 2 hour gap in the early afternoon Friday & Saturday, I need to find one in the evenings. Of course, this is all dependent on the final schedule.
  19. A July forecast for DC has the following predictions: Thurdsay - Sun and some clouds, High 92 / Low 72 Friday - Mostly sunny - 92 / 73 Saturday - A P.M. shower or thunderstorm - 91 / 73 Sunday - A morning t-storm; some sun 87 / 72 (part of me wants to convert this to Celsius out of habit at my job) As always, keep in mind that we're still 3 weeks out, and with weather forecasting - like baseball - you can miss 2 out of 3 times and still be considered good at it. But it looks like a good weekend, if hot. (Then again, it's DC in July.)
  20. As of this morning, I didn't have a tracking number. When I got home from work today, the badges I ordered were in the mail. I just checked, and there is now a confirmation number in my membership.
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