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  1. Otakon used to provide the plastic with the old paper badges. The new, more durable ones debuted last year, and there were no plastic holders given then either. So to my knowledge answer to your question is neither Actually they did have a few, although I don't know if I was just lucky or not. The little plastic part of my badge broke last year due to someone stepping on it ( it was my own fault for setting it outside my bag during a photoshoot ) and they were more than happy to provide me with one. it didn't fit perfectly, but it got the job down. I do second the clear tape, it does wor
  2. I woke up late today and checked on the USPS website. Nothing changed, no updates, it still said it left the post office a few days ago. When I went out to our mailbox, our badges were there! I didn't have to sign for them after all! c: A friend of mine in PA received hers today and said she had to sign, so I guess it depends on your delivery person.
  3. A friend of mine also got theirs today so that relieves me to know that they are definitely on the way. c: I'm really not concerned with getting a tracking number, especially if they used USPS because 8/10 times they don't update very well. They always seem to be a bit slow, if they update at all. I have had plenty of packages sent to me with tracking numbers ( all different priorities ) and USPS didn't update until /after/ it was signed and delivered.
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