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  1. Last year and this year we have just been dropped off and picked up so parking doesn't personally cost us anything but I know that isn't an option for everyone. When we did park, we used Parking Panda (Which is now called Spot Hero) and ParkWhiz for cheaper parking. There is a garage we usually parked at down the street which was about a 6-8 minute walk from the Marriott that the latter is showing still has spots open for about $74 (after tax) total from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning (that's how long we typically stay). We haven't had any bad experiences with either but find ParkWhiz
  2. I've stayed at the Marquis every year and while we never parked there, our friends who did never received a parking discount. It was always $50/night valet parking only costing them $200 in parking for the weekend. If Otakon could work out a deal for members staying that would be lovely! I know some hotels (Marquis included) do have benefits for members such as free internet, food discounts, etc.
  3. Time to make my requests that will never happen but I can pray for: Buronson (Yoshiyuki Okamura) Tetsuo Hara (would be amazing to have him and Buronson together!!) Akira Kamiya Nobutoshi Canna (Nobutoshi Hayashi) Or honestly any of the hokuto no ken VAs would be great! I know Otakon had Shin's VA not too long ago (2022 was it?) and I would love to welcome him back too! For English guests: Khoi Dao Steve Blum (always a lot of fun!) Justin Cook (such a chill person, please bring him back!)
  4. Yes, I know that a lot of people use the entrance regardless if they are staying at the hotel. I have a few friends who stay across the street that did that last year since it was faster/easier to get to photoshoots. I meant it more for people who stay at the Marriott so they do not ever have to go outside in the heat. That is why I personally stay at the Marriott so not being able to use the tunnel due to having a bag or prop would make me just decide to stay elsewhere next year. Sorry my wording was bad!
  5. I've seen a few people trying to get clarification on this. The graphic they provided reads like anyone who has no bag but has been through/approved by prop check, should be able to go through that line too. But I've seen no official answer. I've also seen a lot of people asking about accessibility lines/entrances which I would like to know too. I can't imagine Marriott being a no bag/prop line. That would surely upset a lot of people who pay to be at the Marriott specifically for the tunnel entrance. I know I personally do because I am very sensitive to heat and cannot handle being outsi
  6. Thank you so much for answering my questions! I'll be sure to let her know she should go to accessibility again. I had another question for Vendor badges if that's okay! Are vendor badges mailed like any other badge or are they picked up at the initial check in for vendors? (I'm not sure if that is a separate line or a regular line) The owners of the booth will be arriving before us so if badges need to be picked up in person, can they pick them up for us or do we need to grab them ourselves? Are additional badges (I know the booth comes with two) paid for at the convention or is that somethin
  7. Hello! I asked support a few questions over a month ago and didn’t get a response. I had new questions that are probably easier to answer so I thought posting here would be better. We will be working on and off shifts for a booth our friends are running in the Dealer’s Room and are planning on getting vendor’s badges so that we can work there without any issues. However we wanted to ask and confirm a few things. 1. Vendor Badges are full badges correct? So when we aren’t working are we allowed to walk around the convention with this badges like any other regular badge? Or shoul
  8. My friend went and grabbed his badge downstairs and we went with him. It was super painless! The rest of us had our badges mailed but we did take advantage of the Marquis exclusive pickup for vaccination wristbands upstairs. We went by a few times and the line was fairly long but was moving super quick. By the time everyone arrived and we were ready to go, no one was there and it was super quick and easy! We had no issues getting ours and I think having a separate area for badge/vaccination pickup is nice! I'm not sure if vaccinations will be required next year or, if not, badges could also be
  9. I feel that panic hard lol You can do it!!
  10. marii

    Autograph Price?

    It won't let me edit my post but this question can be closed. I discussed it with my friend (who was with me at the time) and they pointed out that these were specific events where they were paid due to the industry they were in. It has been so many years that I did not recall where we were at the time, turns out it was in the dealer's room! She also informed me that normal autographs are free which is good to hear. Sorry for the confusion, thank you!
  11. Hello! In the past I rarely had a chance to get a signature and was only able to get it once or twice but both times I had to pay for them. I do not recall the price of them but I was wondering if that is still the case? If so, how much are autographs usually? There are a few I would love to get this year and wanted to make sure I set the money aside for it. Thank you so much!
  12. I was originally going to be Signora from Genshin but unfortunately got sick and couldn't finish. Thankfully I managed to finish the other three so my lineup now is: Yun Jin (Default) Genshin Impact Noelle (KFC Skin) Genshin Impact Eiko Tsukimi (Default) Ya Boy Kongming! I'm excited to see all the cosplays this year!!
  13. Hello! Not staff. Most dealers/artists accept both cash and card payments or just cash. I do not believe I have ever encountered a card-only booth in all the years of going, in both the artist alley and dealer's room. If they exist they are few and far between so I would say you are probably good to go!
  14. Hello! Not staff. Unless rules have changed for this year, messenger bags are allowed (my husband always brought his old Trigun one) but like any other bag that gets checked at bag check be ready to open it up if needed/asked.
  15. Hello! You do not need to purchase a new mug. You bring your old mug and it is $5 for unlimited refills for the weekend! It is right on their website's FAQ's: https://drinkwildbills.com/pages/faq They have always honored it for us and reminded us when we forgot ours last year.
  16. Hello! It has been a while since I've been on here. I tried contacting the help desk a few times but I'm not sure my questions ever went through so I thought I would try my luck here! 1. My friend tried reaching out via Twitter for this one. She unfortunately has developed knee issues and cannot handle stairs. Escalators are a hit or miss and are often too bumpy for her to stand without risk of falling. We searched through the main FAQ on the website but found nothing regarding elevator usage restrictions or not. We have seen plenty of people use the elevators without any special badge or
  17. Otakon used to provide the plastic with the old paper badges. The new, more durable ones debuted last year, and there were no plastic holders given then either. So to my knowledge answer to your question is neither Actually they did have a few, although I don't know if I was just lucky or not. The little plastic part of my badge broke last year due to someone stepping on it ( it was my own fault for setting it outside my bag during a photoshoot ) and they were more than happy to provide me with one. it didn't fit perfectly, but it got the job down. I do second the clear tape, it does wor
  18. I woke up late today and checked on the USPS website. Nothing changed, no updates, it still said it left the post office a few days ago. When I went out to our mailbox, our badges were there! I didn't have to sign for them after all! c: A friend of mine in PA received hers today and said she had to sign, so I guess it depends on your delivery person.
  19. A friend of mine also got theirs today so that relieves me to know that they are definitely on the way. c: I'm really not concerned with getting a tracking number, especially if they used USPS because 8/10 times they don't update very well. They always seem to be a bit slow, if they update at all. I have had plenty of packages sent to me with tracking numbers ( all different priorities ) and USPS didn't update until /after/ it was signed and delivered.
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