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  1. Hi. This is the guy in the red shirt that was running backstage operations. There was some communication problems between other staff and myself. I agree that waiting in the loading dock is a bad plan, but unfortunately we don't have much of an option. Whereas you guys were asked to line up a little (15-20 min or so) earlier than necessary in that area, we have no other options so the line will end up there. It is a matter of minimizing the amount of time you're standing there. I do apologize for the unnecessarily long wait in that area, and it's something we will work on for next ye
  2. In years past, we have always gotten into Baltimore at about 1-3pm Thursday, checked into the formerly-Wyndham, and then got into line. After we got our badges, we usually found something to eat and then went back to our hotel room to do some pre-con warmups watching a few anime DVDs we brought. Usually we would go to bed at about 10-11, so that we could "save up" hours of sleep for the nights to come. This year is my first year on Otakon staff, so I imagine Thursday will be much different. I'm not entirely sure if I"m supposed to disclose my schedule, but let's just say that I'll be u
  3. Travel: $150 two-way airfaire from Albany, NY + gas to the airport Food $0-$30 (Staff) Hotel: $0 (Staff) Swag: <$100 total Ah, Staffing is glorious
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