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  1. So, saw Fast & Furious 6, LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! & NO, I don't give a S**T about why you didn't like it b/c I did, sheesus ~.~ This is all you need to know about the movie that sums it up with no spoilers: Vin Diesel & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson BREAK PHYSICS. That is all. If you love movies about gettin' $$$, cars, bada$$ ladies, tanx, & explosions, this is the right one for you!

  2. So, first work week went (yay, for alliteration) pretty well, except for an expensive fender bender Monday but that's not my focus -_- Let me say this now if you ever hear me express being tired, too busy, etc.: Mon.-Fri. I get up @ 4:35a/5a. I do this to prepare for what will be an hour or so commute & if I didn't sacrifice some sleep, I'd have to deal with traffic that would make my commute 2+ hours if I left after 6a/7a. However, the traffic is unavoidable coming back from work, which m...

  3. OMG, Star Trek was AMAZING >.< Wound up dragging my parents there, my Mom loved it -'cause, apparently, she's a Trekkie- & even my Dad liked it. Tots a great movie with awesomest villain EVAR!! Go see it if you didn't already DO IT!! Incidentally, viewing the previews, I also am totally going to go see World War Z...'cause its a zombie movie...just sayin' >.>

  4. For the love of nature, it's like we just skipped over Spring & went directly from Fall~ish Spring to Summer weather in this neck of the woods ~.~ I'm happy for the nice weather but you need to get your s*it together X/

  5. Guess who has 2 thumbs & a job??? DIS B*TCH!! Yes, as a gov't contractor working in my field of expertise (web content editor) no less. I'll be going in Monday next week & I'm so super hype right now, you don't even know >,< Again, found this job using online job posting sites, in this case careerbuilder.com, so if you're still like "I don't know, man..." here's your sign. #Gettin-$$$

  6. It has been done! Finally beat Valkyria Chronicles >.< It was somewhat of a bittersweet ending with a fairly epic boss battle (but not as epic as Selvaria's & Jaeger's), but it has been completed. Now, back to Ar Tonelico 3 & the epilogue story of Tales of Graces f!

  7. So, yet again, all my packages came in today, what do I have? New phone, VC 1 Artworks art book, & a *purple* case that I didn't take a picture of. Incidentally, I now have the entire art book collection of the Valkyria Chronicles series, which is a magnificent videogame series.

  8. Cosplays for AMA (http://www.animemidatlantic.com/)... Grimm's almost done, but Baldren...oh, geesh ~.~ I'll make sure to try to actually have pics this time of these cosplays, especially since one of them is going to be used for Cosplay Chess.

  9. Gosh darn, after so many years FINALLY got a legit phone upgrade w/ a brand new phone vs. Ebay phones (b/c retail for phones is ridiculous), Chris' sake ~.~ #1st-World-4G-Problems

  10. BTWs, Chipotle now has margaritas... CHIPOTLE has motherf'ing MAGARITAS..! If your B-Day's coming up, time to live it up fake Spanish food style at Chipotle >.

  11. Look what midnight purple majesty showed up today >.< Also, first 3DS game...Fire Emblem: Awakening, super hype >>.

  12. More job search tipsy tips: If you haven't been doing so, using job posting sites (ZipRecruiter.com, Monster.com, sologig.com, dcjobs.com [if you wanna work in the DC area], careerbuilder.com, etc.) are a great way to seek out employment, especially if you are of the variety that hates filling out countless applications. Using sites like these makes it easy to send a quick and dirty cover letter & your resume without having to spend a lot of time filling out apps for jobs that take forever t...

  13. So long Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL; Hello Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS >.< I swear, every room in my future condo will be some shade of purple >.>

  14. Was going to start Shingeki no Kyojin, but I saw that they released a sub of Evangelion: 3.0, so I'm going to do that instead. BRB life >.

  15. So, this came in today...PLEASE LET THIS BE A SIGN WE'RE GETTING THE 3RD GAME LOCALISED IN THE STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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